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Roger, Anne, Mark and Bethany

Roger, Anne, Mark and Bethany Morris would like to join in, in our 26M (Previously "Ulster Scot"). Looking forward to meeting you all.

Is this a sufficient RSVP? Is the Club booking all the berths over the period centrally? When and how are booking fees due, please?

Thank you for having us. Looking forward to it!


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Update on members planning to

Update on members planning to attend at Chichester.

If you plan to come and are not in the list, please reply in this forum.

Specifically in reply to Roger: I will make all the berth reservations. As far as I know, advance payment is not required but I will check. Skippers will be responsible for paying berth fees at the time.

Jonathan: I'll ask if I can book your berth from 24th.

We probably won't be in Chichester for every night, so should only need to pay for nights we are there.

Rick Jones - White Lightning (19)
Quentin Sands - Margarita (19)
John Pompei - Ashanti (26M)
Keith & Ann Barton - Star (26M)
Chris Harnan - Skylar
Stu McWilliam - Just Add Water (26X)
David Claassen - Logan's Run (26M)
Jonathan & Miriam Knight - Mist (26M)
​Roger Morris & fmly - Ulster Scot (26M)
Roger & Chris Gabriel - Pas de Chat 2 (26C)
Frank Jaschinski - Pipe Dream (26M)
Roly Simpson - Aranah (26M)
Mark Pearce - Mac Marie (26X)
Adrian & Trish Cox - Shema (26M) berthed at Birdham Pool

14 boats, 13 in the marina.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in July!

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

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Good work Rick. Very hopeful

Good work Rick. Very hopeful that Nicola will be with me. I presume dogs are permitted.

Quentin Sands (Editor)

1993 MacGregor 19, Margarita 

Thank you Rick Jonathan

Thank you Rick


Hi all

Hi all

Have just phoned the Marina to get a quote to lift Star into the water as opposed to dipping the trailer into the salt. Just wondering now if I asked the right question or did they miss understand me as they have quoted me £430 for lift & launch! Having re stated that I only wanted to lift Star off the trailer and put her in water, I didn't dare ask how much they charge to lift out.

I certainly won't be using this service.

Is this a reasonable price?????

Being new to sailing, I hope that other necessary service are charged at a level that we can afford.


Star 26M



I don't know about South Coast prices but it seems an awful lot to me. East Coast c£160/180 but I still have to book in a lift this year so will see if it has gone up in about 2 weeks.


Sowenna 26M

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Hi Keith

Hi Keith

I agree with Simon at Gillingham it's about what Keith quoted

Hi Keith,

Hi Keith,

I think Thornham marina would be much cheaper - also in Chichester Harbour, need to depart at high tide but have secure trailer parking. Also try Bosham Yacht Company, I think they crane over the side of the quay at high tide, I think they are quite reasonable. Chichester Marina will be about as pricey as it gets so worth checking out a few more down to earth places, Chichester Harbour is not short of yacht services.


We're based at Birdham Pool,

We're based at Birdham Pool, just 200 yards from Chichester marina on foot. I asked them today for their charge for lifting off AND on which is £285 inc VAT. We keep our trailer securely in a locked field 50m away. No trailer storage in Birdham Pool. If anyone is interested I can give details for the trailer storage. Note that Birdham is accessed 3hours either side of HW Portsmouth.

Hope that's useful.

Adrian Cox

Shema 2008 26M.

Apologies for late posting.

Apologies for late posting.

Bobbie and I intend to join the Big Mac on Hera.

Our plan will be to add days either before or after or both.