South-West coast 12 - 21 August (or shorter)

Cruise the coast west of Portland, possibly as far as Cornwall.

See details below.

Organiser: Roly Simpson


Re: South-West coast 12 - 21 August (or shorter)

This are my plans so far.

Re dates. At the AGM it was suggested that mid August would be good. It gets quite busy late August around there because of regatta weeks etc so I propose we launch on Friday 12th August or the following morning.
The plan is to launch in PLYMOUTH which has good road access several good slipways . The is also quite an extensive sheltered area of sailing should whether not permit venturing along the coast. My thought is that we could explore the rivers on satuday and either stay up river (may be St Germains) or return to marina in Plymouth.
I havent decided on launch place yet but have sounded out St Catheriines Marina which is close to the centre of town and has all facilities including good slip and trailer/car storage ...they are MDL so it is moderately pricey. Alternatively the is Mountbatten slip way which is one of 3 large slips built for the war . As far as I can tell launching there is free and there are some storage/marina facilities close by but I need to check out how feasible it would be for a Mac.
On Sunday we could sail to cawsand Bay for lunch form where some weekend boats could return and pull out in Plymouth while others could continue on Eastwars to the River Yealm wwhere again there are a number of rivers to explore and pick up moorings.
From There we could continue to Salcombe with a stop for lunch or overnight just East of Burgh Island , a curious little island with a sand spit out to it at low tide.
In Salcombe the is quite an extensive area to explore at high tide and of course the inlet is famed for its quant town and sheltered beaches. We might hope to get to the pool at Kingsbridge overnight.
Weather permitting we will negotiate the overfalls off Start Point and reach Dartmouth where we could spend another day exploring up to Totnes before proceeding around to Brixham and finally Torquay where there is a good sheltered slipway that we used last year.
My plan would be that we take the train from Torquay to Plymouth to collect our trailers for recovery.
Depending on progress and experience of those attending it could be possible to proceed along to coast explore the Exe, Lyme Bay to West Bay or even to Portland.
As you may have noticed I have chosen to launch at the westernmost point so that we are likely to be sailing with the wind rather than beating all the way.

I hope you like these plans and that some people will be able to join me. I would of course be happy to have any advice from anyone who knows this bit orf coast.
Roly Simpson

Re: South-West coast 12 - 21 August (or shorter)

This looks brilliant.


We're planning to launch in Falmouth and sail with the prevailing winds to Dover, then if all permitting maybe Calais, then through the inland waterways to Bristol, then back to Falmouth. Perhaps we can synchronize it so we do this leg together.

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Re: South-West coast 12 - 21 August (or shorter)

For the Rally in 2004 we launched at Plymouth Yacht Haven - a bit out of town, but good launch site half tide upwards. Lots of dinghies also on the slip on saturday so quire busy.

Hopefully we will be able to join this rally.

Avocet 26X

Re: South-West coast 12 - 21 August (or shorter)

As August is a little nearer now, I thought I ought to make a few suggestions, as my boat is moored upriver on the Tamar. I had a look around at some of the slipways a couple of weekends back, and it seemed to me that most of the ones mentioned were going to be a pig to get to, towing through some quite tricky built up areas, and after a long drive down the motorway, the last thing anyone wants it to have to negotiate these sort of tight and busy roads. There was also going to be a cost to use the slipways, and whilst this also give parking for car/trailer, I suspect that a free launching site with parking would not go amiss?

Have a look at my notes on the slipway at Saltash in the "Slipways" section, it'll save me from repeating myself, but I have come back to thinking that a bunch of Macs could do far worse than that, in Plymouth. Since I wrote those, I have also discovered that there are a few car/trailer parking areas around the corner too, and there is a car park adjacent to the slip with up to 60 hours of free parking allowed. Possibly this may be more for a trailer alone, if the car is parked elswhere, as a trailer is not registered, and therefore it is possible that it cannot be penalised [I'm thinking out loud here, don't take what I say as gospel].

The main downside is the distance upriver from the sea, but it is a pleasant sail down to Plymouth Sound and Cawsound and there are some really nice areas to visit upriver. It could be a very nice way to start the cruise on calm water with pretty banks on either side. The Tamar is navigable easily up as far as the National Trust House at Cotehele, which do nice meals and have house and extensive gardens to walk around, although I haven't been further than Cothele, Calstock is around the corner, and I can see no reason why it should not be possible to get there, especially on a rising tide.

I will be in touch direct with Roly anyway, but my purpose in posting here is to get any comments on the forum, from other people who have launched in or around Plymouth.

[Ex 'Crackerjack' - 26M]

Re: South-West coast 12 - 21 August (or shorter)

I am wanting now to try to firm up the arrangements for this rally.
I am a bit dissapointed at the lack of boats clearly indicating that they want to come. Maybe there is a section on this site that I am not aware of where lots have posts have been made but I havent seen it.
So far I justr have Avocet , Restless and Crackerjack possible and another boat with 3 guys in it (sorry cant recall the boat) that is the only boat to have emailed me. Its quite a bit of work to arrange a rally so it would be nice to have a definate indication of intent from any that are interested posted on this site so others can also see.
I note note Pauls comment about slipways , although the one you mention is noted by launch website to have a stong cross tide. The yacht haven seem s to cater for fairly big craft to be launched and Macs have used it before so must be accessible . There seem to be both private and public slips there but main hangup would appear to be expensive daily rate of parking (OK can find local streets maybe). Not sure what theyll change for trailer parking but Ill ring tomorrow. St catherine Marina has apparently a v good slip with easy accessibility and the advantage there is easy and safe trailer and car storage .
Ill do some more reseach and plan to visit the area for a final rec` in July . I am going to Morbihan so not available on site 16th to 3rd July but coulfdd receive texts while away 07971074525. Would like to have definate numbers by early July.

Re: South-West coast 12 - 21 August (or shorter)

There are now 6 boats hoping to be part of this event and some other interest expressed so it is definitely going to happen.
The location and program has been chosen to allow for weekend participants from local waters or further afield to take part as well as providing more adventurous cruising if time and weather allows.
The are extensive areas of sheltered within Plymouth Sound and the river estuaries so a good time can ,and will Im sure, be had whatever the weather. The weekend plan would be especially suitable for less experienced and “non-tippies”.
For those arriving by road I have arranged for space to rig up, launch and storage cars and trailers at Mounbatten Centre which is part of Plymouth Yacht Haven. Macgregors have launched there before and the Boson is a Mac owner himself so knows our needs. The launching is free but storage is 5.00 a day for trailers and same for cars. He says road access is easy , about 20 mins off A38. I shall obtain a best route for large loads and post it asap.
I suppose cost could be reduced if we managed to find off road parking for cars, but a possible cheaper alternative would be a slipway at Saltash as detailed by Paul Jacobs on this site last year. There is parking nearby but it is as yet unclear how long one can stay there and whether there should be a cost. Security may be dubious. That said Paul has been happy with it in the past.
The plan so far is that having arrived and hopefully rigged /launched Friday 12/8/11 late afternoon /evening we would stay overnight either on Mounbatten Centre pontoon (20.00 per boat) or at adjacent Haven Marina. There are eaters etc there but also water taxi goes across into Plymouth.
Saturday , pop out into Plymouth Sound for a shake down sail prior to sail or motor up the Hamoaze on rising afternoon tide, perhaps exploring inlets on the western shore and the River Lynher before proceeding under the bridge at Saltash up the Tamar towards Cargreen where we plan to pick up moorings. Paul Jacobs has a holiday cottage there by the river and has suggested we could go ashore in tenders for a BBQ. Further exploration of the Tamar may be possible that afternoon or Sunday morning.
Sunday plan could be to sail to Cawsand Bay and either anchor there for the night or return to a marina in Plymouth. Alternatively if time and weather permitted the tide would be favourable for an afternoon cruise to the River Yealm. This journey could be delayed until Monday.
Tuesday plan is to stop for lunch by Burgh Island and then onwards to Salcombe for the night where we would be on moorings. Wednesday around to Dartmouth , Thursday across Torbay to Teignmouth or river Exe. Friday back to Torquay from where we can pick up train to get back to Plymouth for trailers.
This program is not set in stone and may be altered according to wind direction, weather and local knowledge. There are possible alternative recovery slips in Salcome and Dartmouth. While some effort will be made to ensure less experienced sailors are given assistance each skipper should ensure they feel confidant that they and their crew can handle the conditions .
Please could all those intending to join us on the rally email me asap,
Roly Simpson no 07971074525 or 02380900640