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Big Mac 2021

Postponed from 2020!

The planned Big Mac for 2020 had of course to be cancelled due to Covid. If things nationwide go to plan then by this July we will be free of restrictions. We are therefore planning to run the event that we would have run last year. Here's the plan, same as before:

Our last Big Mac was at Windermere in Cumbria, so this year’s gathering is planned for the South of England. We have used the excellent Solent area several times before, but this time we’ve decided on Chichester Harbour as a base.

“Harbour” is a bit of a misnomer, as it’s more of a reverse-delta - a number of separate channels all converging at one mouth into the sea. You can see on the section of Navionics chart shown here that it’s all the water to the East of Hayling Island (you can view all the Navionics charts on our web site, just login and look under Members Area).

This provides a safe area for pottering around, especially if the weather conditions don’t favour sailing out to sea. Except at very low tides, most of the green areas are under water of course, but other than at high springs you need to be a bit careful of shallows if you sail outside the marked channels.

We will be using Chichester Marina on the Eastern arm as our base (it’s the largest marina in the harbour) from where you can venture up the different channels to historic Bosham - birthplace of King Harold - or Thornham, Emsworth, or Northney, or stop off at Itchenor, or beach at West Wittering.

By venturing out to sea, you can visit the unspoilt Langstone Harbour to the West, or Portsmouth Harbour a bit farther on, where there are several more marinas. It’s also an easy sail across to Bembridge or Ryde on the Isle of Wight, and further West to the rest of the Solent.

There’s plenty of scope for land-based activities, either in case of bad weather, or for those that prefer not to spend all their time afloat. Chichester itself is a charming place, a small historic city with a largely pedestrianised center and impressive cathedral. Substantial sections of the old city wall are still intact, which you can walk along. It’s only 3 miles by road, or you can take a 3½ mile walk along the old canal towpath.

If we stop over in Portsmouth Harbour, there’s the Historic Dockyard with HMS Victory, Mary Rose, and lots more, as well as Spinnaker Tower, or if you like shopping, Gunwharf Quays. There’s also plenty of opportunities for country walks, including on the Isle of Wight. So something for everyone!

Chichester is part of the Premier Marinas group, and is very well serviced. It’s accessible at all states of tide via a lock. It is easy to reach by road, being just 3 miles from the A27 South coast trunk road, itself directly linked to the M3 and A3. There is a slipway and trailer parking.
You can find more information about the marina on the web at

We plan to make a provisional group booking for 21 - 28 July We have now booked a provisional 12 berths for 28 July - 4 August 2021, we don’t have an exact price, but anticipate around £25/night.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested, in particular we need to form a good idea of how many boats will be attending so we can firm up the booking.

You can post on the forum thread, or email me using, or phone me on 07970 183631. Use these channels either to confirm your interest or ask any questions.

Let’s hope 2021 will make up for what we missed in 2020!



Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

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A change of date is required, I've just heard from Chichester Marina that they're booked with another rally on 21-22 July, so can't accommodate us that week until the Friday.

We've found in recent years that the Wed-Wed format works well, so I have changed the dates to 28 July - 4 August. I hope that will fit in with members plans.

Please respond here if you are interested and plan to attend. I have provisionally booked 12 berths, if it looks like more members than that are interested I will increase the number. It will help if we can get fairly firm numbers to the marina sooner rather than later. I suspect a lot of people will be making summer sailing plans this year to make up for last year!

(If you can't reply here, please email

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone

I would very much like to join. Even if only for a few of the day.

Thank you so much for organising!

Best Regards


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Hi Frank

Hi Frank

Do you have a boat? We don't have any details of one. I will need the boat's name and type to book the mooring.

Or are you just hoping to crew for someone?

Please let us know a few more details!


Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

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These dates look good for me

These dates look good for me Rick and I am intending to attend along with crew, which I hope will be Nicola.

Quentin Sands (Editor)

1993 MacGregor 19, Margarita 

I can probably make this but

I can probably make this but have to run it past the work partners with children who normally have priority for August.


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Count me in please

Count me in please

Please count me in (health

Please count me in (health permitting).


Just Add Water, 26X

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With the date change I won't be able to make it now due to a postponed wedding. 😢




'89 Macgregor 26D: Getaway

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We are having houseguests that leave just before the Big Mac dates. I am planning (hoping) to be able to do all or part of this event.

David Claassen

"Logan's Run"

2006 26M

Hi Rick

Hi Rick

Sorry to be slow, end of August we plan taking the boat up to Bute so the date change needed a bit more thought.

Miriam and I would like to attend (Mist 26M). We propose coming down on the 24th if we can find a birth. I will sort the extra days but would like to be part of the group booking if boats are together. That said, being dotted about at Windermere still worked very well.

Regards Jonathan