Netherlands from 8 June 2012

This event is confirmed starting weekend 9/10 June (some will probably arrive on the Friday)

Stay for a week or as long as you like!

The plan is to explore the Friesian Islands subject to weather conditions and/or do some cruising in the network of inland canals (which are more like lakes with beautiful towns and villages and extensive services and facilities all at hand).

Joint organisers are Mike McNerney and Anneke Wallace

This is a highly recommended trip and a real adventure. We do hope you can join in.

If you are interested please get in touch asap so that we can register your interest. We can also give you further information on travel arrangements and other details on documentation etc (some of which you will need to deal with in advance).

So the message is, get in touch soon if you are at all interested.

Mike McNerney (it is best to contact me by e-mail in coming weeks -



Re: Netherlands from 8 June 2012

Confirmed so far:-

Hera - Mike and Bobbie McNerney
Avocet - Bill and Jean Millar
Rahui - Anneke Wallace (although probably using a local boat)

As at 22 January 2012

Re: Netherlands from 8 June 2012

Update on Trip to Netherlands:

I have researched and booked a marina in Workum on the Friesian Ijsselmeer coast. Marina It Soal

There is a suitable slip - 10 euros per boat, secure parking for trailers and cars for 2 weeks -15 Euros and visitors berths with all facilities - 12.50 Euros per boat per night.

Workum is an easy sail North on the IJsselmeer to the locks at Kornwerderzand, out onto the Wadden Zee. Weather permitting, this interesting and exciting cruising ground between the Friesian Islands and the Mainland would be the first choice. It can include visits to some islands, with possible bike hire to explore thoroughly. open Water, drying shoals and narrow channels with the chance to dry out in many places with a variety of wildlife.

If the weather is not suitable, Workum as an IJsselmeer port is a good start for a tour of the Ijsselmeer or a direct route inland to the best parts of the Friesian lakes and canals.

Two of the already committed McGregors, Hera - Bobby and Mike McNerney and Avocet - Bill and Jean Millar, are arriving in Workum on Friday 8th June and staying till 23rd /24th June. I will be joining with a traditional flat bottomed Zeeschouw 'Stern' for one week with Johny Johnson and Joke and Clem Wardle as crew. Frank and Vicky Higgins - Daydreamer are also coming.

The harbour master at It Soal is very helpful and it is not too late to join this rally. Please let us know if you are interested.

Anneke Wallace