August Bank Holiday - River Avon

This is just an initial post to create this event which was discussed at the AGM. Full details will posted in this thread by the organiser soon. If you want to declare your interest in this event you can go ahead now and post here.


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have any details such as length of trip been decided yet ? We were possibly going to Morbihan, but are limited to the last two weeks of August, so cant make the plan trip there in May/June. It would be good to meet up with some fellow members though so we might be interested in Avon.

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Hi all

Made some enquiries at Welford Boat Station (I'll do directions later).

there is a boat yard party on sunday 24th in a marquee on the river bank so that should be fun and we can go to it. If you wish to contact the yard Chris Fox is on 07941963173. he has machines for putting in and taking out - I do not recommend doing it yourself for the sake of the about 7 quid (I think), he charges, the ramp is very steep. I need to find out what he charges for staying overnight. we normally go home so we dont pay anything other that the river license. Knowing him it will be cheap enough but then again the facilities are sparse (no showers and wcs) so I will enquire about that also - the only facilities of that nature are likely to be in his house.

It is necessary to buy a river license and the fees can be viewed at:

There are unpleasant fines I am told, if you are caught without one - and they do patrol apparently.

hope you can make it


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Is this trip still going ahead.
Imy trailer will not be up gor it and ros is away so I shallnt be bringing aranah.
is anyone wanting or needing crew?


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Hi Roly

yes were going anyway and I last heard Dave and Liz are going.

Trouble is shortage of boats Richard would like to go but has no boat like yourself. Dont know if the idea of camping at the site has any appeal?


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It would be a bit of a squosh on a 19! Quentin Sands has been in touch and is interested so I suggested he contact Rod

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hi guys .
Ok. Unless we hear otherwise whether suitable space on a boat Richard and I will plan to sail on the Solent. Sorry not to join you.
If there is anyone else without a boat who would like to join us please get in touch.

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Further to Liz' comment, I am 'hoping' to get away this coming w/e - with two family crew. There aint much detail on the Avon event so I'm thinking Norfolk Broads, from Wroxham maybe (suggestions welcome) but more likely I'll end up making the shorter dash to Windermere. One eye on the weather.

Quentin Sands (Editor)

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Hi All

address is

Welford Boat Station
Synder Meadow Lane
Welford On Avon
Stratford Upon Avon
CV37 8PP

Tel: +44 (0) 1789 750878

Chris Fox mobile number is 07941 963173

there is a code for the gate padlock so ring me 07768057887 (or Chris) when you get there or near.

Roly/Richard do you want me to see of there is some accommodation nearby? would be good to see you there.



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I think the latest is that Roly and I decided to join the Avon Event boatless!
Accomodation well maybe thats a good point - I have a hammock!
Richard (Lonach 26x)