Fishguard/Swansea/Cardiff? Mid August 1or 2 weeks

This is just a preliminary post to set up this event following agreement at the AGM.

The event organiser will post full details here as and when the planning progresses.

If you are interested in this event feel free to post your interest whenever you wish - it will help the organiser even if you are not a "definite"


Re: Fishguard/Swansea/Cardiff? Mid August 1or 2 weeks

I will go to Fishguard in a couple of weeks to check out the slips and trailer parking etc and report back but 17 -27th August 2015 is good for Molly & I me too.

The St. Malo to Dinan proposal navigating the inland waterways too the Bay of Biscay would be a good event to meet up with the Mohiban event either going too or leaving from to reduce the
trailering element which I find least enjoyable as my trailer isnt so good.

But maybe this proposal needs more time to plan.

Re: Fishguard/Swansea/Cardiff? Mid August 1or 2 weeks

That's cool guys see you after the results arrive!
Good Luck Cerian

On another note how about showing us around the waters around Anglesey / Conwy etc sometime as I note you did an event there before?

Richard :D

Re: Fishguard/Swansea/Cardiff? Mid August 1or 2 weeks

Update - I am likely only to be able to attend between 20th August to 27th August due to pressures of work! So am suggesting the event is only a week if everyone agrees.
Molly is unable to come as she is away on holiday in France at an Aunties - she is unwell.
I have asked Brian Pilcher to attend who is a Yachtmaster and an accomplished sailor to help with navigating the waters.
I will try and post more information about trailer parking and launch at slip in Goodwick in due course.

Can those attending please confirm with me ASAP.


Re: Fishguard/Swansea/Cardiff? Mid August 1or 2 weeks

Hi Guys,
Unfortunately due to the pressures of work I am unable to make Fishguard until Saturday 22nd staying until 27/28th. Downside of running my own business is that the projects needs come first which is a pain.
Hope this fits in with your plans if your coming as the mooring fee is only £6 a night or £40 for the week.
I intend to stay 3 days around Fishguard then sail back to Cardiff via Solva St. Brides Bay, Dale Milford Haven, Swansea and onto Cardiff.
Rod Wassel is in Cardiff at the weekend 21/22/23/24 so you might want to join him there as an alternative.
Apologies but this week just isn't working out.

Richard :(

Re: Fishguard/Swansea/Cardiff? Mid August 1or 2 weeks


It is with regret that I will have to pull out of the Fishguard event as I have a summer cold and temperature - just bad timing.
The weather pattern also looks a little bit hairy for those still thinking of attending and the summery August hasn't materialised so maybe a safer haven is a better option for this was always a weather dependant event!
Milford Haven might be a calmer enlosed area of water and Rod Wassel is sailing around Cardiff to Swansea over the weekend - best of British as swells of up to 6m are forecast as the weather front rolls in over the weekend - I like a challenge but even I have a line that I won't cross!

Apologies currently taking on board the lemsips and paracetemols :(