City Break by canal at Liverpool's Waterfront

Here's a novel idea:-

Leave masts at home and launch in beautiful rural Lancashire near historic Rufford Old Hall. Overnight adjacent to an excellent country pub.

Then into the city. A brief glimpse of what's left of the old and then onto the spectacular waterfront and Albert Dock complex for a City Break.

Fabulous architecture, Beatles Museum, Museum of Liverpool Life, Maritime Museum and The Tate are all nearby. Or there's the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool Philharmonic, Matthew Street pubs, 2 Cathedrals, to name just some of the obvious attractions.

Travel back by canal or maybe train to collect trailers and recover boats at adjacent Liverpool marina.

Date and duration to be discussed.

If you are interested please let me know (just reply to this post or email

) as soon as possible so that we can gauge the potential for this slightly different take on a Mac Rally. "Expressions of interest" now would be really helpful - no need to be concerned about commitment at this stage.

Mike McNerney



Re: City Break by canal at Liverpool's Waterfront

Hi Mike,

Very interested. Could it be combined with a ferry cruise on the Manchester Ship Canal - I know we cant do that on a Mac, but it could be quite interesting?

Avocet 26X

Re: City Break by canal at Liverpool's Waterfront

I've got interest from 4 boats so far.

It is necessary to book access to the Waterfront Link probably months in advance. There are limited dates for access which won't be published until the new year. I am on the list for an application form when they are released.

This could be a bit tricky given the nature of the project - trying to tie in with a variety of events or facilities some of which will be on fixed dates needing to be booked in advance.

Therefore anyone interested should please let me know ASAP so that I can co-ordinate arrangements with intending participants (even if you later need to back out)


Re: City Break by canal at Liverpool's Waterfront

Considerable progress is being made regarding the proposed rally to Liverpool Waterfront.

It now looks likely that the date for this rally would be launch on Tue 2 April and depart for home on Sun 7th April or maybe Tue 9th April.

There is quite a lot of formality with licences/access to the dock system, etc. which is why the planning for this proposed event is moving ahead quickly even before the AGM.

Also there are some interesting events on in Liverpool during that week that may need to be booked in advance.

So the bottom line is - if you are at all interested please let me know now

Mike McNerney