Calling all Irish MacGregors

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I had the note below from Tom O'Brien, unofficial leader of the Irish Mac owners. I intended to put his note in the next edition of the MacGregor Sailor - now at the printers - but forgot. I am sure Tom would welcome contact from any Mac owners in Ireland or any from the Uk who would like to visit - very highly recommended - and his contact details can be accessed in the Members Area of the website - members only, of course.

MOA Social - Lechlade April '22

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This was a hugely enjoyable gathering of MOA members - some with boats - over the last weekend in April by the Thames in Lechlade. There was a lot of chatting and sharing and, before a grand dinner at the Riverside Inn, a riveting talk by Richard Kerswell outlining his sail around Britain in Pegasus, his 26M. Outgoing Commodore Simon Armitage then presented Richard with the Janita Shield awarded to Richard for his seamanship and achievements last summer.

A new online shop

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You can now buy things through this web site!


We're pleased to announce that we have created a simple shop on the web site, specifically for members.

It's quite limited at the moment, but you can order one of the new-style burgees. You can find it under Members area -> Stuff to buy, or click here. There's more about how we hope to expand it in future on that page, so please have a look.

The North Norfolk Coast

Just been reading David Claassen's account of his Trip into Wells-next-the-Sea.
I kept two different boats here for many years. Wells can be dangerous to enter or leave.

You should never enter or leave when there is any 'NORTH' in the wind.

I have seen 1 boat sink and another wrecked on the bar. Once in bad weather, a 500 ton coaster ended up on the quay.

The Harbourmaster Robert Smith has written an excellent book titled 'Over The Bar' - are you with me David ?

Top down spinnaker furler

Have decided to shear this information, just fitted a Seldon GX 7.5 system to my Mac which I am pleased with, which comes as kit, I spliced the anti-torsion cable to the top swivel clamp, measured the luff spliced to the spool, fitted the 13.5 Meters of spliced sheet to the spool and twin cam cleats.



RYA SafeTrx app replaces CG66 scheme

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You may well have used, or at least be aware of, the Coastguard CG66 scheme. This was a form you filled in with details of you and your boat, as well as contact numbers of next of kin, and submitted to the MCGA. This provided the Coastguard and rescue services with important information about you and your boat in the event that you got into trouble.

replacement 26M daggerboard

The attached article describes the process of fabricating a 26M dagger board using a damaged dagger board as a former for a mould.

The mould used is available for anyone who wants to use it on the proviso that they store it and make it available to others if required.


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