London canals 22 -24 April

A trip on the canals around the "London Ring"

Last minute change back to Easter Weekend
I propose leaving Willow Tree Marina, Yeading (between Greenford & Brentford) on Friday the 22nd of April (I intend slipping on Thursday) and making our way down to Bretford via the Grand Union. Then through the tidal lock on to the Thames and down to Limehouse for our overnight stop on Friday.

Then on Saturday up to Camden and London Zoo, to over-night on Saturday at Little Venice/Paddington. Finally returning back to Willow Tree Marina (easy day with no locks on Sunday), leaving plenty of time to slip and head for home. If the weather is good I will stay Sunday night and return home Monday.

If you're interested, and/or would like more information, please contact Mark Kinnard

, mob: 07720 886066


Re: London canals 15 -17 April

Restless is planning on being present... just got to go through the usual preseason rebuilding of her!
I think Aranah is too?

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; In practice, there is.

Re: London canals 15 -17 April

yes , I am planning to come. Probably able to arrive in time to slip Thursday evening. Would like more details re how to get to slip point and any hazards to look out for.
Are there any regulations one has to have or follow Mark ?

I shall be coming with Rick Jones as crew.

Roly Simpson (Aranah)

Re: London canals 22 -24 April

Please note that this trip has changed date again due to Marks work commitments.
My crew is no longer able to go and Ros needs to be around at home so ...providing I get the house jobs done and can find a crew I can go !....I dont fancy doing canals for the first time single handed.


Re: London canals 22 -24 April

Hi There,

Would love to crew, but would have to bring the wife 2 children and Dog!!

That lot is probably too much for any skipper ;)

Have a great time.