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This one didn't come off in 2016, largely due to other events competing for attention. It would be nice to resurrect it for 2017, this is the introduction posted last time:

The Dartmouth Regatta takes place annually in late August. The River Dart is very attractive and navigable up to Totnes and the South Devon coast has many nearby sailing destinations. It is possible to launch from a narrow slipway in town or there is also better launching facilities just up river at Blackness Marine or one of the other nearby ports like Brixham.

The regatta will be on 24-26 August, which is the end of the week (thu-sat) before the bank holiday. So maybe run the event over that weekend and take in the bank holiday Monday, with scope for a longer stay if people wish.

Bill Hunt (who lives locally) offered to organise in 2016 - Bill, are you up for it this time? If so, what dates would you favour?

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight


Yes I was thinking the same

Yes I was thinking the same Rick. It would good to resurrect this. The regatta is a great fun event and good for macs to be involved if poss. Explore the river and then short trip around to Brixham. The sailing in torbay is ahealtered from the prevailing wind and a broad area so good for less experienced. An onward trip to the Exeter and then via West at to Portland would be possible if going back to get trailers for retrieval there.


Unfortunately due to work I can't commit to fixed dates at present.

Ah, Roly, how I've missed you

Ah, Roly, how I've missed you! No offence, but your posts are SO entertaining, I love trying to work out what you mean :D

I fancy an adventure with

I fancy an adventure with this one - Sail from Christchurch to Dartmouth and then back. I've done no planning yet so have no real idea of how long it might take but in any case I would rather not go solo. Anyone up for it?

John Richardson 'Sonny' 26M

Im wondering about possibilty

Im wondering about possibilty of starting off from Portland and going to Lyme Regis , Exemouth , explore the Exe then Dartmouth for end of Regatta then explore up to Totnes and return via WestBay (nr Bridport) or straight across the bay to Portland . Start Tuesday return Monday . visits to Brixham or Salcombe possible. Alternative pull out in Torquay by retrieving trailers from Portland .

That way we get a cruise but see something of the Regatta. Alternative is to go straight there , 8 hrs motor sail across the bay and join in some of the sailing before returning at leisure.

I shall just have one week off work but those who have longer could sail down to Portland/ Weymouth.

Since originally proposing this event another event in August to Ireland looks like taking place so it will be useful to guage the interest in Dartmouth vs going to Ireland.


Hi Roly,

Hi Roly,

I'm up for Dartmouth rather than Ireland and Weymouth/Portland around the bay sounds good. I might try Christchurch to Weymouth and meet you there.

Cheers J

We hope to attend this event

We hope to attend this event and we are OK with the dates around the end of the month as suggested

Mike and Bobbie

Hi everyone. I'm hoping we

Hi everyone. I'm hoping we can get a good West Country event going.

For myself I'm afraid mid week to midweek doesn't work wrt booking locum cover so I've had to agree for my holiday to be week of 21 to 25th August. We have a wedding to go to in Weymouth on 19th so potentially could set off Sunday 20th with plan to make our way around Lyme bay to Dartmouth by Thursday . Options then would be either make the long sail across the bay (if wind and weather favourable) or else return by train to get trailers and then pull out in Dart somewhere or Torquay or Brixham. There is bank holiday Monday at the end of this week.

We do still have the option to launch at one of the latter and then explore the area before popping in to the regatta. The advantage of that is that should the weather not be brilliant more boats could join in and have fun.....apparently there's a prize for the most adventurous journey to get to the regatta so maybe a mac will win it!

Please post on this log if you plan to come


I'm sorry but this event will

I'm sorry but this event will not now be run . Only two boats have shown interest and I can't easily get cover for work. Maybe snog her time.


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"Maybe snog her time." ??? 

"Maybe snog her time." ???

I know you can get cryptic Roly, but this one escapes me !!!

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

I don't know what Roly has in

I don't know what Roly has in mind Rick, but what happens in Dartmouth stays in Dartmouth...



Another infamous line! .....well, some other time ! !

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