Windermere 9 - 11 September

9 - 11 September

Organiser: Mike McNerney


Re: Windermere 9 - 11 September

Hi Mike
Jim Rotheram here. My partner Mary and I are interested in taking part in the Windermere rally in September. We've only recently joined the association and are not really sure how these things work. Could you email some details re joining instructions etc. We are looking forward to making contact with some other mac owners.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Re: Windermere 9 - 11 September

Hi Jim and Mary

Sorry for delay in replying - I've been laid up with a nasty virus and just getting on my feet.

You are the first to come forward so far but I'm assuming others will soon. I will be sending out a general reminder soon anyway.

I will send more details soon - main issue is whether to go in marina (£110 for 3 night including launching, showers, electricity - pontoon mooring car and trailer parking. Otherwise public swinging moorings are cheaper (about £10 a night ) but everything is extra - launch fee plus car and trailer parking. Of course no electricity - dinghy needed.

Given the time of year it's nice to be able to plug in a little elec heater but maybe we are whimps south of the border?!

Whichever we choose you will also need lake licence number plates (about £15 in all for a year)

We usually just go North one day and South the next returning each night to base. BBQ if weather good otherwise fish and chips or pub/restaurants in town. Lovely scenery of course and interesting sailing if the wind misbehaves coming off the hills as it usually does.

As mentioned I will send documentation requirements, joining instructions, route, etc later on but if you need anything further in the meantime please let me know.