Big Mac 22 - Firth of Clyde - 27th July to 3rd August

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Big Mac 22 - Firth of Clyde - 27th July to 3rd August

After long discussions with those with local knowledge and experience, we have decided against Loch Lomond for next year's Big Mac and opted for the Firth of Clyde as the venue best equipped to safely host a group gathering of MacGregor boats.

We will launch from Largs which provides access to the cruising waters of the Firth including a range of islands, lochs, anchorages, marinas and mountains. The area provides options in all weather conditions, in relatively sheltered waters with few tidal races or dangers.

The week long event will start with two nights at Largs marina with a view to moving on to Loch Fyne for the weekend, harboured in the pretty village of Tarbert. We will then find our way back to Largs perhaps by a different route.

This is a marvellous cruising area and offers sailing that can challenge the adventurous but also provide sheltered waters for the inexperienced. The Kyles of Bute are a must on a cruise of this area and a visit to the Isle of Arran is a possibility.

The great thing about MacGregor gatherings is that they are flexible. You get the benefits of company and support if you want it but you can cut loose and do your own thing when you like. That said, at some point I will have to make a firm booking with the marinas (I have provisionally booked Largs and Tarbert for up to ten boats) so please express your interest on this thread. I will update as plans and ideas develop.

For those who wish to stay more than a week there is plenty to explore further up the Clyde, around Arran or even through the Crinan Canal.

Several members have been cruising this area this summer; I have visited four times and I have the support of Anneke Wallace, who knows the area very well, so there should be no shortage of experience and ideas to make this an enjoyable week.



Quentin Sands (Editor)

1993 MacGregor 19, Margarita 



Looks very interesting. I'm sorting a crew out and would like to attend if possible.

Roger Gabriel
Pas de Chat 2

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It's interesting, and

It's interesting, and somewhere I've never been. However, it's a long drive from the Isle of Wight, so I need to give it some thought.

It's actually further in road miles than Lough Derg in Ireland, or even the Netherlands!

I'll be back ...

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

Great choice!

Great choice!
Please count me in.

Im dry berthing my M26M "Harmony" in "Largs Yacht Haven" - can't commend enough for excellent facilities and a plethora of destinations within an easy reach.
Looking forward to the event!



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I did my day skipper out of

I did my day skipper out of Largs. Was good sailing and spectacular scenery, albeit a bit wet! I'd definitely be up for coming along


'89 Macgregor 26D: Getaway

Hi Quentin

Hi Quentin

Beautiful calm waters, even in our misty crossing from Arran back to Inverkip. We have covered 105 nm and had half an hour of sailing breeze. So worth knowing where fuel can be obtained and groceries for that matter too. All eateries were closed two days before our arrival so no restaurants! Good take aways though, great chippy up the road from Kip Marina. Kip marina have been great.

Jonathan and Miriam

Yes, a good choice. 

Yes, a good choice.

I have just yesterday brought our 26X back home after spending 2 weeks at Largs. I had originally intended to keep the boat there longer but my diary has annoyingly filled up with other events.

Slipway is good, and they can launch with their tractor if you don't have a suitable tow vehicle (small fee). They are very experienced at this.

They also have a fuel birth with diesel and unusually petrol, though I did not check their prices which may not be as competitive as nearby garages/supermarkets

We sailed through the Kyles of Bute and on to Arran. All very lovely.


David Kirk
26X Glissando
Dumfriesshire, Scotland

It sounds perfect. Depending

It sounds perfect. Depending on what might have happened to me by then, I might turn up hopefully without a boat!

I am looking forward to

I am looking forward to bringing Aranah up to this event and also hope to cruise the area either before or afterwards. Thanks Quentin for taking the lead on arranging it.


Hi Roly,

Hi Roly,

If you're looking for crew for part of the time, (or all!), I'm up for this trip.

Cheers, John Richardson

Definitely on the radar for

Definitely on the radar for us. We would need to sort our tow vehicle. As Rick says the distance is not small. Could be quite a convoy with Roly and others too? Thanks to all who have put the plan together.

Adrian Cox

Shema 26M (2008)