Engine problems

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Engine problems

Hi all

Apologies to Paul for posting under the “outboard fins” post I miss posted! My problem has been the Yamaha 50 I’ve and a series of problems. The engine is 15 years old and 1260 hours

A continual ‘code28’ indicating that signal gear position switch was at fault and had to be replaced eventually I’d kept asking the Mechanic to change it albeit he thought it was of no importance.

The tilt switch reads up now continuously I’m not going to anything about that as the Yamaha parts are painfully expensive (and I can see where the engine is)!

Latest problem the engine overheated as I posted on Paul’s outboard fins subject, resulting in a second liftout this year ouch, Mechanic changed the impellor plus housing and gasket. The thermostat plus gasket and various other items. Also the cooling system was washed through with acid. This now seems to have done the trick, it’s now a matter of building confidence, or new engine?

was it Roly’s idea to fit a modest spare outboard on?

Best regards to all

Ian T