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Hi all, my first post having just joined the owners club (please be gentle ha ha).

So I've agreed to buy a 26X 'Pandora' and I wondered if anyone knew the boat? I've not actually picked her up yet, but wondered what I should look out for?

She's got a Honda 50hp 4 stroke which I've negotiated a service prior to pick up, along with a trailer service as I'm towing her a couple of hundred miles home.

Sails look in good condition, and other than a lack of VHF radio and a wind instrument, she seems to have everything I'm looking for (cockpit tent, cushions, etc etc).

I've been trying to find a 26M with a 60hp as this is my ideal, but they're hard to find, so I hope a compromise with an X is going to be ok.

Anyways, I look forward to contributing to the forum over the next few seasons and will certainly say hello should I meet any of you on my travels.

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Hi Paul, and welcome!

Hi Paul, and welcome!

We have a Pandora in our list of boats - you can look at the list under Members Area above. It is down as belonging to Nick Turner, and with its hull no. Is this your boat? If so I'll update the records.

Other than that, I've not personally met Nick nor seen the boat.

I see from your joining details that you have a Van de State 28, are you swapping to the Mac, or going for a second boat?

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

Ah great. I might PM Nick and

Ah great. I might PM Nick and see if he's any history he can share ahead of me buying her.

I've sold the Van De Stat and she's going next weekend so the MacGregor is a replacement. I'm looking forward to not having a 50 year old boat anymore lol

ETA - well it appears I can't PM Nick (not sure why it's greyed out) so if anyone has any contact details for him I'd be grateful if they could pass my details onto him. Thanks.

Hi it would seem you got

Hi it would seem you got pandora before I could get there left off work early to get there and take a look but it sold good luck with it it's a lovely boat

Hi, Paul,

Hi, Paul,

Welcome to our association and enjoy your new boat.

More X's were built than any other model so they are bought and sold more often than the M's which mostly came with a factory fitted Yamaha 50. They do come up for sale and are snapped up so you have to be patient and vigilant. You will find a lot of very keen X owners in our association so you should have no problem finding answers to any questions yu might have.

Hope you manage to get some Autumn sailing in this year

Good Luck

Simon Armitage