So Many Mac's at Largs

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So Many Mac's at Largs

Hi all,

We trailered our 26X up to Largs last Friday and were amazed to see 5 other Mac's there already! Apart from the big Mac each year I have never seen so many in one place and re-assuring to know that they must be a good boat for the coastal waters of the Clyde.

We have booked ours there for a month and will try and make as much use as we can given the annoyance of work and other "duties" Hopefully we might meet some of the owners, perhaps they are on this forum!

David and Lynn.

David Kirk
26X Glissando
Dumfriesshire, Scotland

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Hi David and Lynn

Hi David and Lynn

It's a Mac paradise up there. Hope you are having fun. Any form of review, write up, report or pics for the Newsletter or in the Galleries section of the website would, I am sure, be of interest to the all and might encourage the uninitiated.

Quentin Sands (Editor)

1993 MacGregor 19, Margarita 

Mist  isn't one of the boats

Mist isn't one of the boats at Largs although we nearly called there for petrol. We drove down from Cardiff 24th Aug launching on 26th at Inverkip and have spent a week on and around Bute. Back at Inverkip today 4th and off to Arran for a few days tomorrow.

Apart from little to no wind, superb weather and what a fantastic area for the Macgregor in these sheltered waters.

Jonathan and Miriam