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Hello All,

I seem to remember some talk, maybe last year, about importing or having made here some of the 'Macgregor' sticky labels for the oval device on each side of the upper hull.

Did it happen? Has anyone got 2 spare that I can buy?

Regards, John Richardson 'Sonny' 26M

Hi John,

Hi John,

I contacted Blue Water Yachts in the states to get some labels for the 26M and we were told they would send some to our MOA secretary for free but they never turned up. I ended up buying two direct from their website and fitting them.

The part number for just the decal is H603-1M1 at and they cost $7.50 which worked out at £22.43 for two delivered to uk (they accept paypal for payment).

The secret to replacing them is to clean off all the old decal off the brown translucent perspex oval backing plate (its screwed and adhesive to the topside). Once clean clean with alcohol (IPA or meths NOT acetone which will dissolve the perspex) then wet the surface with water containing a single drop of washing up detergent. You can then remove the backing off the decal and float the new decal into position then use a squidgy to displace the water layer. This allows accurate positioning before you stick it down and ensures you can avoid wrinkles - don't try to do this dry as its nearly impossible to position and get it wrinkle free first time so you are likely to destroy the decal trying to pull it off.

If you remove the backing plate the adhesive can be scraped off and it can be reattached with the original stainless screws and 3M VHB heavy duty double sided trim tape or similar.

Hope thsi helps

Mike C -