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Trailer Storage

My new purchase comes with a trailer. I am lucky enough to have a residential mooring in Port Solent but the trailer seemed like a bonus. Then I started trying to find somewhere to store it. The marina wanted £35 per week. I tried others but that seemed to be the right order. Some caravan parks would take it but the price was 8/900 a year. So I began to think of the trailer as a luxury that I did not really need and have been making plans to sell it. Since joining MOA a couple of days ago and seeing photos of you all meeting up around the country I am wondering if I am calling this right for me. Appreciate any input you have on how much your trailers get used and where you keep them for a modest cost. Thanks
I use the trailer all the

I use the trailer all the time. I live in Leicester and have used the boat on canals, I've had it moored in Grimsby Marina for 4 weeks and only just brought the boat back to my driveway last weekend. On Thu, I'm taking it to Troon (SW Scotland) for 7 weeks.

I leave my trailer on my driveway.



Yes THE parking of trailers

Yes THE parking of trailers is a pain. Marina parking is expensive. Try to find a friend who has space or a field

or a farmer who can store it. Good luck.

Hi Frank

Hi Frank

we had the same problem when we first bought our 26x Aquila, as we have a permanent mooring in Norfolk. We were advised not to sell the trailer, and so I looked for caravan storage in google and found a local farmer who had outdoor storage 'bays' for about £1 a day.

so I think you should be able to get somewhere for a lot less than 800/900

good luck


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Join your local sailing club.

Join your local sailing club. They usually have free storage place.

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Hi, Frank, Welcome to the

Hi, Frank, Welcome to the Association.

If you decide to sell your trailer I might be interested. I am based at Bradwell on Sea but don't have a towing vehicle.

Simon Armitage


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Hello Frank,

Hello Frank,

For your information

I've just vacated my trailer storage today! It's on a caravan site near Christchurch and it costs £143.00 per quarter.

I would guess you would consider it a bit far from Port Solent, but if you if you're not going to use it that often.......? Anyway it will give you another idea of costs

Whatever you decide, you would be well advised to keep your trailer - it opens up so much more opportunity to sail in different waters, not to mention the eventual sale of your boat - possibly much harder without a trailer.

Good luck, John Richardson

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This has helped a lot. I will

This has helped a lot. I will definitely keep my trailer. I will look harder for somewhere at a reasonable cost but I know what is possible now. And Christchurch is an option if I am happy with the distance and move swiftly. Thank you all so much for your replies and support. Frank

Hi Frank 

Hi Frank

We keep our boat at Birdham Pool in Chichester harbour. The Birdham Boat park next door charges £300 per year for our trailer.

Contact 07860 305 024

They may have space and it would be a lot closer to Port Solent.

I hope that's useful

Adrian Cox. Shema 2008 26M