Towing breakdown cover

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Towing breakdown cover

With time on my hands, I thought I would take a more careful look at my renewal details with LV for breakdown recovery before paying the premium.

They used to make specific reference in the policy document to the maximum length of trailer. For additional comfort, a few years ago I also got them to write to me to confirm my trailer dimensions were acceptable and I always carry that letter with me when towing the boat - I was never keen on the thought of having to persuade some grumpy burly (possibly French) breakdown driver of this fact whilst standing on the hard shoulder of a motorway in the pouring rain.

I now notice this has changed - Instead of the specific length limit they now just say that the trailer must comply with the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986. I'm happy with that because the West Mersea trailers do comply. I'm planning to ask them to write to me again with a comfort letter although I am not sure how they are going to re-act - they'll probably say they can't because they don't know if it complies or not! So then we might be back to the scenario with Monsieur truck driver! There are 2 other clauses that have got me worried. One says that the policyholder would have to pay for any special equipment used other than a "standard recovery vehicle". They are thinking of recovery from a ditch or something with a crane but I wonder how they stand on the use of a low loader? I think I need to ask them to clarify this. Has anyone had to be recovered with a low loader recently? Would they need a low loader or can they get a Mac on a "standard recovery vehicle"?

The other clause that worries me is the one that says the decision of the recovery engineer is final! What's French for "help"? oh yes - "mayday, mayday"!


The world of trailers is a

The world of trailers is a nightmare. I recently asked West MERSEA for details of compliance (2000 ) model , they said that could not say as it was too old !

obviously it has to be able to carry the weight typically 1.6 tons. And trailers must have mudguards and a security chain.

Further to trailer regs, I

Further to trailer regs, I can give some my recent tribulations.
for the last ten years or so I have kept my boat in Denmark,without any regulatory problem towing on my English plate. As I am not as fit as I was ,I was thinking of selling the boat on the web.

in Denmark a trailer or caravan has to have its own registration and number plate . This costs around £70.

I had this guy interested in my boat, but discussions got very complicated.
he said he would have to collect boat and trailer on a lowloader, and in addition to that he claimed that if the trailer did not meet Danish regs he would have to buy a new one at a cost of £3000 ! And he wanted to deduct all this from my selling price. I politely told him to go away. I am researching registration business via Danish family members.

I'm with Saga and I had this

I'm with Saga and I had this conversation with them a few years ago and boat and trailer were covered under the policy. Of course, the weasel words were about condition and suitability of towing vehicle and trailer. At least there is someone to talk to and ask questions at Saga; it is not all on-line.

I don't have a trailer now so haven't checked recently.

Simon Armitage

Sowenna 26M.

Re trailers. Some years ago I

Re trailers. Some years ago I was fishing around for towing and boat insurance. Th A A would not recover a Mac as it was too big. Was with L V but found them expensive. I am now and have been with WATERCRAFT who find very good so far.

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It's a few years ago now, but

It's a few years ago now, but former stalwart Bill Millar had very good service from Britannia breakdown, there's an item in Newsletter 66 (just search the site for "Brittania". There's a photo of his 26X on its trailer on the back of a recovery vehicle.

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

Britannia transferred their

Britannia transferred their business to LV which is how I came to be with them

I chose Britannia (in fact I put Bill onto them) because they had been willing to provide that comfort letter

I know one other member had success a few years ago with Britannia, getting recovered from France when a low-loader was used, but I was wondering if anyone has more recent experience

I'll have a look at Watercraft - thanks

Sorry David - I can't find

Sorry David - I can't find "Watercraft" - for breakdown cover

I can only see GJW's advert for watercraft insurance ie jetskis

What's the full name of the company you're with?




I think the correct name is

I think the correct name is CRAFT INSURE

I think some distinction is

I think some distinction is needed here beyween recovery and insurance. Ots confused because Brittania were taken over by LV. I started using Brittania after I found that We would not cover the Mac trailer outside UK. Inside UK was ok and We did recover me with a low loader from Essex. However it took all night since they twice sent I suitable vehicles ! I think Brittania would have managed no problem.

Insurance is another matter esp 're liability for damage and it's where regulation of the trailer is more important. Generally the boat trailer is covered by your car insurance but it's important to check. Also check who is covering the actual boat while being it car insurer or marine insurer?




we joined the rac arrival scheme as it covers all lengths of trailer and covers the policy holder in any vehicle as a driver or passenger as well. This was confirmed by the RAC on the phone. Join through the Camping & Caravan Club to get a discount. Let me know if you are interested and I can recommend you and we both get £25 (poss a voucher?). Extra for European travel but it didn’t seem expensive to me for the peace of mind. Doubt we will be going abroad this year though!

keep safe all


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