Mast raising kit for 26X

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Mast raising kit for 26X


I need to borrow a mast raising kit for my 26X as soon as possible for up to 2 weeks.

Based Southampton, but willing to travel! Even over the water, Quentin.........

Thx so much in advance


PS Anyone know how best to remove PVC boat name stickers?

Reply on forum or to me at

Reply on forum or to me at

Hi Stuart,

Hi Stuart,

Sorry I can't help you with the mast raising kit, but removing stickers or decals can be done using a hairdryer or paint stripper gun if your careful to soften up thr PVC and scrape them off with a credit card or again a paint scraper (carefully). To remove the residue adhesive I found white spirit/turps quite effective followed by methylated spirits and elbow grease.

All the best


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Another good solvent for

Another good solvent for removing adhesive residue is Evostick cleaner, most DIY stores stock it. I think it's basically trichloroethylene.

Won't harm GRP resin, but don't use on styrene or acrylic as it dissolves them (makes a good styrene adhesive though!).

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Sticker residues are annoying

Sticker residues are annoying - got some on our boat - I'll have to try the Evostick cleaner though. Jill tried some 'Sticky Stuff Remover' at the weekend - waste of time!

Only thing I have found effective so far is Meths and elbow grease


Hi Stuart. I'm not sure

Hi Stuart. I'm not sure whether the M mast raiser is adaptable for the x but . Otherwise some elbow grease and clever use of pulleys. I shall be happy to assist over the Easter time. Give me a text