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Cleaning products

Hi all

We have a very dirty boat and need to buy cleaning products for the following

Canvas cleaner

Hull deep clean

Black band restorer

Bilge cleaner

Canvas cleaner

General cleaner/polish for white above water level

Front hatch inner surface sealer, seems flakey

Anti foul and primer

Any recommendations welcomed, just not sure if we need special marine stuff or will general house hold products work as well


Stephen and Julia

Macgregor 26x (2003)

Hi Francesca,

Hi Julia,

For the deck we used “Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner with PTEF” purchased from Amazon. You just leave the suds to do the work then rinse off. A little elbow grease and a second go will shift the most stubborn algae/dirt.

I read on the forum somewhere to use WD40 for the black strip across the windows, or car polish.

Not able to offer advice on the other queries, yet!



Hi Steven and Julia. The

Hi Steven and Julia. The black strip gets filled by oxidation like any coloured gelcoat. In the past I have tried polishes and back to black products from Halfords and even a bit of ferecla buff and polish stuff but really the only thing that works is to use an oxidation rubbing agent with an electric buffing tool followed by a good polish. Since my boat is blue I have to do the buffing to entire hull every year and I now include the black strip. Buffer costs about 50.00 and has variable speed and a foam head. Can the on a lamb's wool for polish if you like.