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Hi All,

How many fenders, what size and type would be recommended on a 26M. We have booked for Windermere this year and have been informed we will be bow first so will a bow fender be necessary?


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I imagine a bow fender is

I imagine a bow fender is always worth having in your locker Keith but at the marina in Windermere I am fairly sure you have been allocated a finger pontoon. I guess four 60cm-ish fenders will be enough in most situations.

There are many bow first moorings in the marina but even if you are allocated one, I am fairly sure they are cushioned.

Quentin Sands

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You would normally need a

You would normally need a minimum of 2 each side of the boat possibly 3. I always carry 6 plastic inflated ones about 7 inches diameter and 27 inch overall length, good to have spares just in case you loose one and also to position for warping off when you leave a berth. I also have about 8 smaller fenders from previous boats but they tend to ride up the sides of a macgregor and pop out.