Boat Insurance Recommendations

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Boat Insurance Recommendations

Hi All

We are looking for boat insurance both on the water & off

Any recommendations of insurers ?


Stephen and Julia

I use Saga because i am young

I use Saga because i am young enough to qualify and you can speak to them on the phone. Insurance can cover on, off and towing and you get a no-claims discount.

Simon Armitage



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As a member of the RYA I used

As a member of the RYA I used to use Bishop Skinner, since they offer an RYA discount. But the premium ramped up a couple of years ago and I found GJW, who offered just as good cover for less than the Bishop Skinner discounted price. My premium last July was £150 to cover a total value of £11,500, in all circumstances.

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

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Yup, I had Saga, very

Yup, I had Saga, very competitive and excellent customer service.

Gave no-claims discount and full pro-rata refund when I cancelled.

Very satisfied!

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Another vote for Saga. Very

Another vote for Saga. Very satisfied!

David Claassen

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Thanks for the advice as I'm 51 this year I qualify !!!, will give them a ring if our offer is accepted

Many thanks

Stephen and Julia