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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all members of the MOA. I hope we all make progress in our boating lives this year and have lots of fun on the way. Looking forward to some goodly gatherings in 2019. From Mrs MacGregor, Mrs Sands, Polly and Commodore Q - Windermere, Jan 1st 2019.

Quentin Sands

Mrs MacGregor 26C

I'll add my Happy New Year to

I'll add my Happy New Year to that. I hope we can all look forward to a year of great opportunities and adventure. I'm thinking about Scotland in late June maybe ........let's start sharing ideas . Am working on the AGM details since The Globe is not available. More details soon.

Best wishes to everyone.


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I’m looking forward  to

I’m looking forward to finally getting Ptarmigan into the water with her new sails and engine.

I had had a busy New Years Eve. Flying back from Delhi to New York we crossed time zones that had us in and out of 2018/2919 about four times. I’ve had a 48 hour Christmas like that a few years ago but this was a first for me

Leigh Ross


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Happy New Year to all!! I

Happy New Year to all!! I hope to get “Logan’s Run “back into the water soon. Looking forward to future adventures!!

David Claassen

"Logan's Run"

2006 26M

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Quentin,Roly,Rick,David,Leigh,Peter et al

I would like to wish you and all members a very Happy New Year with super sailing 2019, and send my thanks for all the help and friendship received from the members in 2018

With my very best regards,



Happy New Year to everyone.

Happy New Year to everyone.

I'm disappearing to warmer climes on 14th January so I am unable to attend the AGM - please accept my apologies.

Kind regards,

John Richardson 'Sonny' 26M

Wishing all members A Merry

Wishing all members A Merry Christmas, A Happy New Year and fair winds in 2020. Hoping to see as many of you as possible at the AGM and BigMac event at Chichester.

Simon Armitage

Sowenna 26M

Copy that !  Roly Aranah 26M

Copy that !


Aranah 26M

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Now that we're passed the

Now that we're passed the shortest day we are on a nice "RUN" to the new season.

Happy Christmas to you all,