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Boat Watch AIS

I recently discovered this free app. BOAT WATCH

It shows in real time the position of Ships transmitting their AIS data worldwide. From what I can see the ships shown are those using Class A transceivers which means mostly large vessels.

Although I have not had yet been able to try this app out afloat, it would seem to me that it could be most useful when navigating area’s such as the Thames estuary, especially if you subscribe to the upgrade which allows access to full data transmitted and includes

Ships name , MMSI & Photo

Status, speed, course and rate of turn

It would be interesting to hear from anyone who has used BOAT WATCH while sailing.

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Hi John,

Hi John,

I have a similar app on my iPhone called Vessel Finder; great fun when out walking the coast path and could be used in a limited way at sea, within range of mobile signal.

I bought an AIS receiver for our Mac from Quark-elec for £64 - see

As well as being a dual channel receiver it has the additional, wonderful, benefits of:

1. Being a NMEA0183 multiplexer,

2. Creating a wifi network to make all the boat's NMEA data, plus the AIS data, available to any suitable wifi device on board, and

3. Providing connectivity to laptops, plotters etc via NMEA, USB & RS422

Great to have all the AIS data so usefully presented on the plotter at the wheel, as well as on my iPad & phone when below.

Sorry, I know that wasn't the question but, for the small outlay, it's been a no-brainer and great fun.

Plus, I've discovered that a large number of smaller yachts have AIS transmitters.

MacGregor 26M 2009 - Sky's the Limit -  Suzuki DF50

Hi Mike,

Hi Mike,

The quark device looks interesting I will investigate further as it seem quite a reasonable price too.