Caps/covers in cabin ceiling

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Caps/covers in cabin ceiling

Plastic caps/covers

Hi all

I am going to fit LED cabin lights in ‘Star,’ our 26M and have been wondering about the many caps/covers in the ceiling. I assume these are covers for captive nuts. Do they come out without breaking, and if so, will I be able to get wiring through to link lights under the sliding roof?

Also there must be a route for the radio (positioned starboard side next to the round mirror) aerial to the mast base? Is that route tubed or just a space between the ceiling and deck?

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I have a 26C and the cap

I have a 26C and the cap covers come off with a little teasing using my terminal screw driver. They cover nuts and bolts and some screws for the inspection covers and the like so guess yours will be something like the same.

safe winds


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As Woody says, the covers can

As Woody says, the covers can be gently prised off. They hide the nuts where the deck fittings are bolted on.

There are no cable conduits, wires are just threaded between deck and liner. I suspect in manufacturing the wiring was installed before the deck and liner were bonded, so threading wiring later is an interesting task! An electrician's fish tape is handy to have, but even that can be hard to push through because of bracing ribs and things.

I always try to get a piece of cord threaded through first, then use that to pull whatever wires I need into place. I also make sure to pull another piece of cord along with the wires and leave it there, then if you need to route another wire later you've got a cord already in place.

A lot of patience helps!

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You can get replacement caps

You can get replacement caps pretty cheaply from BWYachts. The old ones might be brittle with age and break up on removal.

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Thanks for the info Gents.

Thanks for the info Gents. will let you know how I get on later.

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I have several spare caps (2

I have several spare caps (2 sizes) that I bought years ago, if you need any let me know. I'm very unlikely to need all the ones I've got.

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

Thanks Rick

Thanks Rick

Im won’t be able start work until after Xmas, but will bear your offer in mind if I break any



The wiring method I used on

The wiring method I used on my 26M was to tie a steel washer to the end of some nylon monofilament fishing line. Place the washer inside the head liner and then pull it along from the inside the cabin with a strong magnet. In a few places it did get stuck but you pull the line back a little and try another route. Thankfully most of the original Mac fittings are non magnetic so you have a good chance of getting the line threaded through.

The nylon line is so insignificant, I left some in after I'd fitted a depth/log tranducer to the transom and a remote marine mic beside the captains seat. Just in case other improvements required lines taken there!

Good luck.

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