MacGregor 26M Dagger Board

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MacGregor 26M Dagger Board

I read an article on the American Website MacGregor Sailers Pages which outlined an idea to lower the COG of the boat. In essence the chap had drilled out the lower portion of the Dagger Board and poured molton lead inside to add weight at the lowest point whilst maintaining the boards original shape. I've often wondered whether something similar could not have been added by MacGregor themselves but assumed that either it would have an adverse effect or its benefits would not be worth the effort on something that is essential there to prevent leeway. Has anyone tried or heard of a similar project and does it work or am I barking up a wrong tree?

Re: MacGregor 26M Dagger Board

Hi Chris
That's an interesting idea. Had thought of it myself but then might not be able to lift it out by myself for painting etc. Also might be a bit hefty to hoist it up during the season?