26C Toilet

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26C Toilet

Hi. Anyone got any recommendations for porta potti type toilet for a 26C?

Mine didn't come with one, and it looks like there is an inset in the moulding for a particular size.

Or, at least, I assume that cupboard is meant for a toilet.. It's a bit short of head-height! Maybe the stern locker would be a better place..

I had a 26M and in that

I had a 26M and in that cupboard was a marine toilet with a valve splitter so that, depending where you were, you could pump out to sea or to a holding tank under one of the forward V births. Sowenna came without a door to the heads so I had one made. You can't sit down with the door shut, you can't stand up or kneel so the door had to be open and doubled up as a cabin divider.

I know very little about the construction of a 'C' but good luck with yur investigations.

Simon Armitage