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Fuel Tanks 26M

Hello MacOwners,

I am new to the MacGregor 26M and bought ours this summer, brought her home for some TLC and ended up doing a full electric, navigation and steering overhaul and just when we were about to get her into the water we were hit with the local lockdown in Wales meaning she is still here on the drive now waiting for next season.

I am looking at getting new fuel tank(s) for her and am tempted by the 17-gallon aluminium ones offered by BWY although a bit on the pricey side.

The question I have is having a Yamaha 50hp outboard what tank or tanks do other members have or would recommend?

I understand the cheaper option, the Moeller 630013LP Low Profile Portable Fuel Tank - 12 Gallon tank doesn't fit anymore and swells up in the summer? Some of the online feedback seems quite bad and last only a couple of years?

Thanks for your advise!


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Hi Paul,

Hi Paul,

I have an M with a 50HP Yamaha and it came with two 25L plastic Yamaha tanks which fit neatly under the lifting seats in the cockpit and can be simply secured.

Each tank will give a range of about 25NM depending on the speed. I have individual Yamaha flexible fuel pipes just in case one pipe gets damaged.

Hope this helps,



Like John, I have 2 x 25 L. 

Like John, I have 2 x 25 L. (12 USA gallons) plastic tanks, one is a Yamaha which I think was the original (2005) and the other is a Plastimo, age unknown They fit snugly under the lifting seats, are still in good condition and are easily secured. They came with the boat which I bought in 2012.

You could always pop into a local chandlers and have the conversation as tanks may have been modernised since mine were manufactured.

Simon Armitage

Sowenna 26M

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I have one 12 gallon and one

I have one 12 gallon and one 6 gallon plastic tank. I often wish I had a second 12 gallon. I considered the BWY aluminium tanks, but like being able to easily empty my fuel for the winter.

David Claassen

"Logan's Run"

2006 26M

I have 2,  12 gallon ones and

I have 2, 12 gallon ones and sometimes have felt I've wanted more for inland waterways and since many places do not sell petrol. I have slung an extra tank in the rear outboard well. However my tanks are a bit dodgy and I have seen there are some slightly deeper more cuboid in shape and it might be possible to get 2 each side ie 80 litre total. Not sure . Anyone else know?