Ridge monkey!

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Ridge monkey!

If you haven't already got one of these in your life/boat, you should have. The ridge monkey is a simple 'sandwich toaster' type cooking implement. Ridge monkey is the brand so you may need to search 'ridge monkey sandwich toaster'. There are several shapes and sizes but I recommend the larger, non segmented version as it is the most useful. It is compact and amazingly non-stick. With the exception of perhaps a kettle, you can chuck out all the other pots and pans and it all folds up and fits in the silly little cupboard under the sink! We regularly do eggs on toast aboard. If you get the larger one, it'll just about fit four eggs and because it closes, no runny white top! It has four surprising useful kitchen implements in it, a nice neoprene bag to stop it getting scratched or rattling around and even a steamer addition is available. Just don't let the salt water stay on it for the winter season like we did as it will eventually corrode.

We got ours from eBay (£20 I think) it seems to be a carp fisherman thing?! But why should they get all the good stuff.
I'm not sponsored by them by the way, just impressed with the product. Not specifically boaty but changed our life aboard.

And think of all the washing

And think of all the washing up you won't have to do anymore. Thanks, James, will have a look.