Single handed sailing set up

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Single handed sailing set up

Hi All
With this extra boat modification time on my hands I've been thinking about what I'd need to do to make our X single handed
Am I missing something from this list

Need sliders on the mainsail (so probably new sail, as our doyle is the original)
Blocks on the boom to give me reefing options
I've already got a BWY bracket which fits under the mast to allow blocks to be fitted
Deck organiser

Thinking 4 clutches main up,main down,reef1 and reef 2, two on either side or the roof. sound right ?
Where would you fit the deck organisers, I think the mast raising brackets/clamps might be in the place I'd need the organisers ?
Do I need lazy jacks ?


Stephen and Julia

Macgregor 26x (2003)