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Let's see if I can post this sketch.

Dave Newton Sailbadthesinner



im a new member 2 days and have just bought a 26x

the wiring is not good and i wantted to start from scratch

please can anyone help

is there a wiring diagram,also is it best to have 2 batteries one for the engine and the other for the boat stuff, we have flexible solar pannel are they any good or is a wind one better?

regards julian

Hi Julian

Hi Julian

I'm midway through tons of upgrades on our X
I've installed a new leisure battery under the front dinette seat (snug to the boat centre line)
I've left our original starter battery and swapped all the lights to the new battery (so it only does the starting job)
I've wired in new control panels, strip lights, fm/dab radio & speakers, bilge pumps & usb charge points
I've got a 50w solar pv panel mounted on the rear starboard stanchion

From having no experience of boats I've learned loads from the Internet, this forum & a guy at the marina we used towards the end of last season in Keswick

Stephen and Julia

Macgregor 26x (2003)