Season opener in Ireland

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Season opener in Ireland

The information below was supplied by Tom O'Brien, regarding his early summer plans on the Emerald Isle.

This is our plan for the opening of our sailing season here in this part of Ireland.

  • Launching of both DUSTY and Tiftt Loy on Saturday 25th April 2020 at Public slipway Limerick City 1 hour before HW. HW Limerick City 08.55.
  • Kitty Dan (26M) + one other 26 M to travel from Killaloe on Lough Derg to join us in Limerick City.
  • Friday 1st May 2020 exit Limerick City and raise masts below the city bridges. Sail down river on falling tide . One stop planned at Foynes Marina for lunch before we head for Kilrush marina . Limerick to Kilrush is approximately 40 miles.
  • Monday 4th May 2020 LW Kilrush 09.47. Exit Kilrush Marina 09.00 and sail for Limerick City on rising tide.

All boats are welcome to join us.

This is an annual event and helps to kick start the sailing season for us.

Tom O'Brien

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

Good Luck wth your maiden

Good Luck wth your maiden voyage on Tifft Loy, Tom and best wishes to the rest of the fleet for a great sail.

Simon Armitage