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Jib track.

Hi all,

just thought I’d share some info. I bought a 105% jib from Precision a few months back and just had the opportunity to sail with it. The standard forward bullseye fairlead is positioned ( on the S model ) for a 100%. So on a 105% it’s too far forward and gives and almost vertical lead to the sheet. This resulted in too much leech tension and too little foot tension.

With that in mind I’ve installed a pair of 1.4m long Barton 20mm tracks and their associated cars on the deck. The D models had shorter tracks ( which are probably more sensible ) installed but this was dropped , probably to save costs on the S model. Installing them was pretty simple. Remove the bullseyes and plug the outboard hole. Start the new track with the first bolt through the inboard hole of the original bullseye and line the track up to the inner bolts of the winch. This will ensure that the nuts are hidden under the ridge in the deck liner ( that’s why it’s there , a hangover from the D model , they just used the same mould ) Just use a 5mm drill right through the deck and the deck liner. Use the hole in the deck liner as the pilot hole for a 38mm hole saw to allow access to the bolts. BW yachts sell the appropriate plug covers.

Use butyl tape as the sealant , under the track and put a little bit on each penny washer to hold it in position while putting on the nut. A deep socket set will be really useful here. Also for removing deck fittings to rebed them as the 3/4 inch covers won’t allow any other method of loosening the nuts. The factory used over length bolts which preclude the use of regular sockets.

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