Autumn break, Lake Windermere

quentin.sands's picture

My usual apologies for bombarding the galleries section with yet more pictures from the north but the light is so interesting at this time of year. I am considering a pitch for a MacGregor gathering on the Lake next Summer, so this constitutes a little taster of what it can offer. The area around the Lake is rich in opportunities for doing other things, especially walking and there are lots of architectural/industrial/historical sites too. It's hard to find a bad pub and the food is good. It can get busy in the Summer but on or around the Lake there are plenty of places to retreat to. There are moorings possibilities to suit all budgets and launching at Ferry Nab is about as good as it gets. Anyway, we still have the winter to get through but it will not be long before we are looking at the 2019 calendar and making some plans for MOA events. Enjoy the light.