Solo cruising

Boroughbridge to Ripon on SeaJay

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I accompanied Michael and Ann on their short cruise from Boroughbridge on the Ure and then through a lock onto the canal and up to Ripon Marina where she will live, for the time being. It was a perfect late summers day and my eyes were opened to the pleasures of inland waterway cruising on a Mac.

Firth of Clyde Autumn 2020

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A selection of photos from my recent visit to the Clyde to sea test my new 19, Margarita. A full report is included in the soon-to-be-published MOA Newsletter but here are some pictures that I hope capture some of the excitement of this cruising area and the fun of being aboard Margarita.

Autumn break, Lake Windermere

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My usual apologies for bombarding the galleries section with yet more pictures from the north but the light is so interesting at this time of year. I am considering a pitch for a MacGregor gathering on the Lake next Summer, so this constitutes a little taster of what it can offer. The area around the Lake is rich in opportunities for doing other things, especially walking and there are lots of architectural/industrial/historical sites too. It's hard to find a bad pub and the food is good. It can get busy in the Summer but on or around the Lake there are plenty of places to retreat to.

Whitehaven to Isle of Windermere

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My own Big Mac adventure was something of a fail. My crew and I left Whitehaven at high water, 630am on Monday 6th August, but struggled from the start with a F4 wind that was coming directly from the Isle of Man. I hoped that we might close haul in a westerly direction but under sail could only hold a course NNW and didn't fancy the Galloway ports. We started to motor into wind over tide but it was very uncomfortable with a fair amount of rolling and slamming and general discomfort.

High Summer on the Lake

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Amidst the talk of goosenecks, jib size and sail trim in force 8 gales I thought I'd share a few snaps that don't really do justice to how lovely it was to be out on the Lake last weekend. I think the footy kept the crowds away and the weather was perfect. I really must organise or invite you all to a Mac gathering up here - there's a lot of fun to be had, in many ways.

Marvellous May

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The last Bank Holiday was perfect boating weather although we did a lot of not much. The Lake was idyllic and there were many boats on the water. We took our 'newish' dog Polly with us, and she loved it too.


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