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Publishing your photos

I'm sure everyone enjoys looking at the photo galleries that members have created on the site - I think it's one of the best features. Many thanks to all those who've posted their pictures.

The facility is available to all members to upload photos, but so far only a few have actually got to grips with the process! I'll admit that it's not entirely intuitive, so I've been looking at ways to make it easier to use, especially for the inexperienced.

To that end, there are now summary instructions at the top of each relevant page to guide you through, which should make each step much clearer. In addition, the Galleries page now has a button where you can create a new gallery directly. The instructions on that page also offer a direct link into the User Guide, which gives you further information.

If you'd like to share some photos but not been sure how to do it, or you've tried in the past and been unable to make it work, please go to the Galleries page and give it another go.

Please add a reply to this thread to let me know how you get on. Any suggestions for making it even clearer or easier will be welcome!

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

Thanks rick. I note there are

Thanks rick. I note there are options for who can see photos. Do we need to consider barring public access esp since many photos involve people?


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That's a good point Roly. The

That's a good point Roly. The option to restrict access is available on all types of content (including forum posts), and it's really up to the originator if they don't want the content publicly accessible.

In general I don't like restricting content too much, as letting visitors see what we do is a good recruiting tool. The main restrictions are on resources like the slipway list, knowledge base, etc. which are a privilege of membership.

I don't think publishing photos of people is an invasion of privacy per-se. It would only be an issue if the context were incriminating.

If anyone has a different view please let us know.

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

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I’d suggest simply not

I’d suggest simply not uploading pictures that one would not want in the public domain.

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It's a fair question that

It's a fair question that Roly raises but I think Rick's response covers it well. I presume Rick that you have editorial control and can remove anything you deem unsuitable? It would be a shame to limit our audience.

Quentin Sands

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The problem is that once an image goes public it can never effectively be made private again.

The issue is one of consent. The person who took the photograph will normally own copyright but that doesn't always entitle them to publish without consent from the subject of the photo. Even if they have the legal right, a reasonable association should respect the wishes of all parties affected.

I'll give you an example I had to deal with some years ago:
A photo taken on a dive trip showed, in the background, a young lady in a state of partial undress (not an uncommon occurrence on a dive boat). She wasn't embarrassed while in the company of her friends on the dive trip but was once the photo was published in a club magazine. Neither the person who took the photo nor the magazine editor obtained her consent and they failed to considered her reasonable expectation of privacy.

Can I suggest:

1. An automatic reminder, or banner when uploading images to consider the reasonable privacy of anyone shown.
2. If it's possible a delay between an image going live to members and being accessible to the unwashed masses.
3. Alternatively a moderator (e.g. committee member) needing to release an image for public viewing.

I know it may seem highly unlikely this would ever be a problem but believe me you don't want the s*** storm that erupts when someone posts something they find amusing and the victim's solicitor describes as an intrusion of privacy, defamation, harassment or worse.

Dave Newton Sailbadthesinner

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Hi Rick,

Hi Rick,

I was asked by Roly when we were together on the BIG MAC to write up my experiences of my first Mac Rally.

I have now finished this and saw this post re photos and just tried to upload one or two to make a start with the various photos to accompany the write up.

No success - I'm sure its me - all my photos are stored on my Mac in photos but try as I might by dragging them into the part of gallery where it asks for them nothing happens. I am having the same trouble in inserting photo's into the word document as it seems that the photos need to be in Photo Booth but there just in Photos and I cant seem to get them into Photo Booth.

If you can advise when you have a moment it would be great.




PS I believe there is now a new editor for the Magazine can you give me the contact details so I can send him my write up.

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Hi John

Hi John

Have you solved your problem of uploading photos? I'm afraid I'm not au-fait with the vagaries of Apple's odd-ball way of doing things. Did using the "Add files" button help?

Hope you've been ale to tie up with Stuart.

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

My suggestion on the privacy

My suggestion on the privacy thing is that gallery contributions that show people be marked as available only to logged in members ....Unless authorisation obtained. Other general photos of boats and places can go on a separate folder. Maybe each main event could have an accessible folder that interested public could view. This might also avoid overloading the galleries with personal shots which though of interest to attendees might not be of quality to publicise.

Please note my big Mac photos only available if logged in


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Thanks for your thoughts Roly

Thanks for your thoughts Roly et al. The problem with any of these ideas is how to implement them.

Our web site doesn't have the kind of technology that allows for analysis of photos, to determine the type of content (e.g. a person). The big boys have recourse to massive computing power to do this.

This means that management of access is a matter of human discretion, in which case who's job is it? If the MOA, in the form of the committee, is responsible for the site's content, then a committee member needs to moderate what is posted. Given that you can attach photos to any type of content, not just photo galleries, it would mean all site contribution would need to be moderated before being published. That is an onerous task, and also discourages participation because of the delay.

I think at this stage we should just have a reminder message where photos are uploaded (as Dave suggested), asking members to consider the privacy of anyone in the pictures. Perhaps adding that responsibility for publishing suitable material lies with the contributor.

I'll have a look at this from a technical viewpoint. I'm also restricting access to this thread to logged-in members, I don't think it's an appropriate public discussion.

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

So the member who posts the

So the member who posts the photograph is responsible for obtaining permission from others in the photo for permission to publish. That is fine, otherwise the member should be able to fudge/obliterate the faces so they are not recognisable. That should cover us all?

I am a Mac user and haven't a clue how to do this but will start investigating. If the BBC can do it, so can i

Simon Armitage

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