Cockpit Genoa Pole - adjustable

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I was sailing out from Falmouth to Plymouth today, I still am actually, that's the reason for this post; boredom:)

All was going well with great winds and making between 5 1/2 and 6kts SOG.

Gradually the wind started to die and by the time I was about six or 7 miles from Plymouth it was only 4 to 5 kts.

Of course I could've just been sensible and put the motor but it was such a lovely day...

The wind was pretty much dead astern and the best VMC appeared to be Wing on Wing.

In reasonable winds this always works well for me but with such a small amount of wind I really needed a Genoa pole so I dug out the spare adjustable boat hook which I never use and used this to hold the Genoa sheet out from the cockpit.

This seemed to work well but was very tiring.

So I used a spare bit of rope and rigged up the contraption you see in the photo.

It's been doing a sterling job without me having to touch it for nearly an hour now; so I thought I would "share the love"