Add a second login to your membership

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Add a second login to your membership

New web site feature ...

... you can add a login for a second person sharing your membership.

We have for a long time accepted two names on one membership (spouses, partners, sailing buddies, whatever). We have also allowed both people to have their own individual logins for the web site, but it's required an administrator (i.e. me!) to set it up.

Now, you can add a second login yourself. The second person must have their own email address, and to add them do the following:

  1. Open your account page by clicking My account in the User Menu on the right.
  2. Near the bottom of your account page, in the Membership section, is an entry Second user: Add second user.
  3. Click on the Add second user link and fill in the form (first name, surname, optional mobile number, and email address).
  4. Click the Create second user button at the bottom.

That's it. The second person will receive an email enabling them to create a password and login to the site. They can edit their own account to add more details, photo, signature, etc. in the same way as all site users.

Once created, the Second user line (item 2 above) becomes a link to the second user's account page. There is also a lnk on the second user's account back to the primary user.

If you have a joint membership and you'd each like to have your own voice on the site, then go ahead and create a second login!

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