Navionics charts on our web site

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Navionics charts on our web site

With the sailing season fast approaching, I thought I'd just remind everyone that you can view the fully detailed Navionics Charts for free on our web site. This is not just the UK, but anywhere in the world, in full detail!

If you're thinking about sailing somewhere new, or even somewhere familiar but you've forgotten a few details, it's really useful to browse charts of the area well before you set out, so you can familiarise yourself and make some plans - even if only in your mind (though remember the importance of passage planning before you actually set out).

To see the charts, you must be logged in, then move your mouse over Members area on the top blue bar, then click on Charts in the drop-down that appears (or click here). There's a few simple guidance notes at the top of the page to help. If you want a bigger view you can click on Open chart in new window to display the chart without any surrounding text etc.

Picture below is just a screen shot.

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight