Rolys 26M Mods inside and out

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Rolys 26M Mods inside and out

This is a link to my Macgregor 26M mods file.
In it you can see some of the thins I have done inide and out.
1) pulley system to assist lifting of dagger board
2)single line reefing system for 3 reefs on Main sail led back to cockpit. Pulleys are secured with rope or additional fixing points on boom. Steel eyes or pulleys hanging off sail crigles allow for good slab reefing and smooth operation.
3) Main halliard led back ( pulley cleats at base of mast to permit free rotation). made part of single loop for down-haul also.
4) autohelm ...Simrad WP32
5) new prop up and down buttons since those on throttle failed
6)net and thick bungee secure fuel tanks and allow storage of bits/pieces
7)Spray hood and cockpit tent....sides and front window zip off to create bimini
8)Vang inverted and led back to cockpit (needs additional mod to keep in the cleat if mast rotates)
9)topping lift led back to cockpit ( and lazy jack tension linked to this)
10)Internal...shine through hull depth and stern mounted log/depth /fish-finder linked to Garmin ( not shown )
11)Galley improvemt...standard front flipped over to create proper under sink cupboard , cut in half to cretae front for sliding larder draw , retaiined by hidden finger catch. New access either end for storage of wter bottles etc ( I have 50L fresh water under rear berth filled by external fill point)
12)table pedestal and draw.....this isheld in place by push fit plastic blocks and can easily be disassembled to create the extra berth.
13) fridge has dedicated socket supplied by diode splitter direct from voltage sensitive relay that connects starter and house cant flatten house or starter .....only works when engine running or shore power.
14)real wood plate and bottle storage stained/varnished to match
15)...bungee netting to secure the washboard be a hold-all
16) music centre

Since the photos I have added mast head tricolor which is power through steaming light (using switching diode system) and mast head aerial using unbroken cable that goes through gland in deck and is fed invisbly around interior .
Also a solar powred vent over heads well....and quiet.
Well, ...I think Ill rest a bit now !

Re: Rolys 26M Mods inside and out

If wont open on internet exploer try Chrome

Thanks for that Roly.

Thanks for that Roly.

Regards Jonathan

I have now added photos of

I have now added photos of this season's mods....

reworked pull out fridge draw to enable more efficient top loading cooler.

Enlarged access to and from forward berth and starboard side storage underneath. Secured with new bolt into existing ring if more privacy wanted/using loo. Lower fixing bolt was .over slightly but no loss of strength. Stainless piano hinge was pricey.


A small mod I find useful in

A small mod I find useful in creating a larger surface area in the galley area, when the table is being used for other things, is to place a cushioned bean bag bed lap tray over the sink. The bean bag keeps it secure, even in a blow; Just remove it when you need to wash up.

Simon Armitage

Sowenna 26M

There is nothing to grab hold

There is nothing to grab hold of on my pontoon as the mooring cleats are at either end with nothing in the middle so I fixed an old mooring warp between the two cleats and can now hook the line with a boat hook without moving from the cockpit which gives me time to get sorted.

Simon Armitage

Sowenna 26 M

Thanks Simon those sound

Thanks Simon those sound interesting ideas. Might try them . I always tie my bow and stern lines together so I can step off from the cockpit and still have easy control of both ends.



Love the cockpit cover Roly, I know what i'm asking Santa for, any idea what it cost? Where did you site the solar fan for the heads I couldn't quite see from the photos.


I shall try to find a photo

I shall try to find a photo of the fan. It goes through the black window above the toilet. It projects a little into the interior but in practice no problem with headroom. I used black siccaflex to bed it in since there is a slight curve .

My cockpit cover cost about 800.00 and sprayhood 600.00 but that was a while ago. Advanced Covers in Southampton. Unfortunately the plans got destroyed so he would have to measure up again. It could be done on my boat if anyone was interested.

I might be interested as I

I might be interested as I have had a quote for a spray hood and Bimini which came to just under £3000!!!

The gold plateing was extra as well

so if we can get a couple made at a price that would be great


hi fellow mac,ers,

hi fellow mac,ers,

I would be interested in a sprayhood, and cockpit enclosure for helena rose. My boat came with the factory bimini, so ideally, cockpit enclosure would utilize it. As andrew states, if anyone else interested, perhaps we could obtain a discount. Incidentally, I have just been quoted 3120.00, for same! have a nice day all.

Helena Rose 26m, 2003.