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Satelite Navigation

I am trying to set up a sat nav system using a Acer net book loaded with Garmin Blue Chart sorftware and using a Garmin etrex as a reciever. At present the system seems to operate fine but have not taken it to sea yet !. The next stage is to find a remote rugged splashproof 12v monitor to use on deck to relay the screen information to where you need it, at the wheel .Has any one any ideas before I run aground somewhere off the east coast. Nick Turner

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Re: Satelite Navigation

Hmm, don't know where you'd get a monitor like that, but I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up costing as much as a freestanding marine chartplotter! I got a Lowrance unit last Christmas that cost £300 inc. charts of all northern Europe. Decent-sized screen too.
Sorry, guess that wasn't much help :(

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Re: Satelite Navigation

I used an Acer Aspire 1650 with RYA/Admiralty chart software but kept the PC below and just checked it occasionally; but the problem was that the software did not like the battery saving shut-down built into the Acer!
I would agree with Rick J that a "splash proof" 12V powered screen would probably be more expensive then the net book.