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Macgregor 19 For Sale

Hi All. I'm thinking of putting my Mac 19 Ebb Tide up for sale. I have just trailered her up to the Broads for a couple of days to try her out sailing and motoring and all is good. Trailer and engine have been serviced with new trailer bearings and there is a valid Boat Safety Cert. All in good condition and ready to go. Will add more details shortly but PM me if you are interested.


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Hi Ian, if noghing turns up

Hi Ian, if noghing turns up within the moa, I am in a Facebook 19 group that is mainly made up of Americans but some uk members who often ask whether there is a 19 available....if you want me to put it out there I can ask the question and pass on your details to interested parties.

Someone posted this recently:

Some high praise for our amazing little boats that I found on MacGregorsailors. :) Man, the MacGregor 19 is probably one of the best trailer sailboats ever built - it you have one you really should stick with that boat. It's very fast on a motor, sails easy, goes anywhere (I see them cross the Channel to Catalina all the time) and tows like a dream. The 19 has all kinds of integrated features that the other boats don't have. I think it might win in the class of 'Best All Around Boat under 24 feet'. If the wheel steering is the issue I would say you might want to add one of those EZ GLIDE steering sticks - that would make it a lot like a boat with a wheel and would be nice for high speed maneuvering under power. Image The 19 is a hard boat to beat for overall functionality in the smallest possible size. Stuff that a 19 can do that I wish MY boat could do: *It's faster than an X or M with a smaller 40HP motor under power and uses less fuel at 25 miles per hour! *It fits in a standard garage *2 piece mast can be stored inside *the ONLY 19 foot sailboat with an ENCLOSED HEAD! * has a HUGE mast head rigged foresail *weighs only 1200 pounds! (or the same as 5 passengers in your car!) *structurally the strongest mac ever built What a great boat! The 19 was the vest value for the money of any sailboat ever made in the world - Roger almost went bankrupt building and selling this boat because of the high quality build and labor he was selling them near cost - if you ever got one new you got one hull of a deal. That's why he made so few of them.

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1993 MacGregor 19, Margarita 

Thanks Quentin, I saw that

Thanks Quentin, I saw that post on Facebook and I can agree! I will post the details up there too.
The 19 sailed really well on Oulton Broad albeit quite small, and the 5/6MPH speed limit did not make for an exciting ride! Good place to launch though at Waveney River Centre if anyone's looking for a launch spot in the South Broads. £5 per day to leave the trailer and use the slipway. £20 per night on a riverside mooring with power and water.

Ebb Tide: 1994. Honda BF50 AX

Ebb Tide: 1994. Honda BF50 AX LR TD outboard with 2 different props. Starts and runs well. Shorepower connector and integrated battery charger and 12v/240v power sockets inside. Hanked on jib with piston Hanks. Engine serviced this year. New reconditioned gearbox fitted this year. Engine power tilt buttons on the engine and on the throttle lever. Jib and main good condition and there is a storm job and large ghoster. I renewed all the trailer bearings and took all the brakes apart cleaned and reassembled last year. All gelcoat looks good, the odd chip and scratch but nothing major. VHF, Depth and Log, battery power display. Mast raising pole, 12v power sockets inside. 2 Anchors. Spare rudder blade. Nav lights, masthead anchor light. Fenders, warps. Interior cushions all good and clean. Water tank and hand pump in sink. Interior lights. Automatic and manual bilge pump. Ununsed spare trailer wheel and tyre. Also has a removable Bimini and the original pop-top cover in good condition. Solar vents on each side. Boat safety certificate 2019 last year so another 2 years left. It has lots of history documents and manuals. Apache Trailer clamp. Lighting board. 25 litre fuel tank. Horseshoe bouy, life sling. A very dry boat never gets any water in the bilge from rain or heavy seas. Boat cover. £9000 or near offer. Avon round tail dinghy, outboard and outboard bracket available separately.

I have now agreed a sale.

I have now agreed a sale. Very quick and hopefully going to a new home in Brighton.