New "Guide Member" feature

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We're pleased to announce a new feature of the web site

highlighting experienced members who can offer guidance and experience to newer Mac owners.

For a quick start, go to the Membership list and map in the Members area and look for the blue map pins.

For more details - read on …

New members join us usually having just bought a Mac, or when contemplating buying one, and are looking for information on the boats. We also have a lot of experienced members who have had their boats for many years, and are more than happy to help new members. Sharing knowledge and experience is one of the things that brings our members together.

As a new member, you can see the membership list, and even the map of where everyone lives, but you have no idea of who's who. So we are inviting our experienced members to write a brief description of their knowledge etc. in a space on the site called My Expertise. Once you've done this, your pin on the map will show up in blue to other members.

So if you're a newer member, or just looking for some help and advice, go to the map page and look for blue pins. The map initially appears centered on your own address, and your own pin is red with a dot in the middle. This makes it easy to see the members close to you who may be able to help.

When you click on a pin a popup bubble contains links to the member's page, and if it's a blue pin there's also a link named Guide. This will take you straight to that member's description of their expertise. On that page there's also a link to enable you to send them a private message.

If you're one of the more experienced members, and you're happy to share your knowledge to help others (particularly those who live close by) then please take a moment to create an Expertise profile, and become a Blue-pin Guide Member!