The North Norfolk Coast

Just been reading David Claassen's account of his Trip into Wells-next-the-Sea.
I kept two different boats here for many years. Wells can be dangerous to enter or leave.

You should never enter or leave when there is any 'NORTH' in the wind.

I have seen 1 boat sink and another wrecked on the bar. Once in bad weather, a 500 ton coaster ended up on the quay.

The Harbourmaster Robert Smith has written an excellent book titled 'Over The Bar' - are you with me David ?

It details his life in Wells as lifeboatman and harbourmaster,lots of photos of wrecks etc.
the book should be available from Amazon. Regards to all.


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Great info


I went in on an Easterly wind, bare poles. I actually cannot wait to get up there again.


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Keep turning left

Hi David

I only received the latest MacGregor Sailor mag yesterday and have just read of your exploits - WOW!

I really will be “All Ears” when we meet at the 2020 Big Mac for those beers 🍻

Well done have a great Christmas



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John, was a fun trip. Have a lovely Christmas.