RYA SafeTrx app replaces CG66 scheme

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You may well have used, or at least be aware of, the Coastguard CG66 scheme. This was a form you filled in with details of you and your boat, as well as contact numbers of next of kin, and submitted to the MCGA. This provided the Coastguard and rescue services with important information about you and your boat in the event that you got into trouble.

The problem is it's an outdated and very manual system, and the Coastguard have now officially adopted the RYA's SafeTrx mobile app as a replacement. See this article for full details (new window).

You may have already installed the SafeTrx app, but if not there is now even more reason to do so. If you don't have an Android or Apple phone, you can still register all the details of your boat and emergency contacts online here. If you don't have a login you can register for one on that page (RYA membership is not required).


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hear, hear!

Rick and all,

I have installed the SafeTrx app on my phone. Although I have not yet used it onboard, it looks to be a brilliant bit of kit. The interface is simple and the features look to be very helpful and could be an excellent safety tool.


sorry, techno dimbo here...I

sorry, techno dimbo here...I have downloaded it just now and you get a map of England with some numbers on it but no explanation of what they mean or how to use it....what am I missing ?


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Have you got the right app? !

Have you got the right app? !!!

When you first open it you should get at least one T&C type page, after which you usually get loads of help bubbles to lead you through.

The home screen looks like the pic in this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7s0q7ul446i95od/Capture%2B 2018-11-14-19-35-21...

If you tap on Explore you get to the map. Sail Plan is where you put in your destination, ETA etc. Tap the 3 bars top left for the full menu.

Ok. Now I go to the so on my

Ok. Now I go to the so on my phone it looks like you say. I had simply opened the ap after downloading on ap store. Maybe that brings up a weird version.will explore more later. Thanks.