A fresh new web site

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If you're a member and have been used to the old web site, you'll see that this is quite a bit different. However, all the same information is here, and as the site grows there will be a lot more. The site is built on a new foundation which is much more flexible, and will allow us to make the site much more useful.

Please login, your login details are the same as you used for the forum on the old site. There are sections of the site that are only available to members, so you need to login to be able to see them. Please also make sure to have a look at the User guide (in the User Menu), it will help you get the best out of the site.

All the old forums have been migrated to a new layout that integrates with the rest of the site. You'll find a link to the forums in the menu on the right. Note that the information that was previously in the Administrative section can now be found in the Members Area in the top menu.