Big Mac 22 - Firth of Clyde - 27th July to 3rd August

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Mick and Maureen Watson and

Mick and Maureen Watson and their 26c Iona have asked to be registered for Big Mac 22. Mick and Maureen have attended many Mac gatherings in the past and I look forward to being reacquainted next summer.

Quentin Sands (Editor)

1993 MacGregor 19, Margarita 

Hi All,

Hi All,

I'm sad to say I will not be joining you on my own boat for Big Mac 22 as I have now sold it.

Since my crew moved out of the family home, it proved very difficult to coordinate a team to move the trailer around the side of the house.

I will still be a member of the MOA for at least the next sailing season.

Good sailing to Andrew Vincent who has acquired my passion for the last 13 years. I can't wait to find out what her new name will be.

Pat Saddler

Ex GladNick 26M

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Thanks for the update Pat.

Thanks for the update Pat. That's enabled me to update our records to show Andrew as the new owner of GladNick.

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

On our trip to Inverkip just

On our trip to Inverkip just around the corner from Largs, the drivers side front wheel bearing of our Nissan failed though it got us as far as the Lorry Park at Lockerbie. I had just bought and had taken with us spare wheel bearings and the appropriate tools for the trailer but not ofcourse a truck bearing.

We are with Greenflag through the caravan club. They didn't bat an eyelid. A tow truck arrived first thing in the morning and took us the rest of the way Nissan Navara and boat. If the bearing had gone sooner I could have saved some fuel and enjoyed a longer lazy ride in the back of the tow truck.

Full marks to Greenflag.

Whilst Lorry Parks are noisy they are an easy stop off for the length of our rig and can be quite cheap with Lorry drivers subsidised fatty full English in the morning.


I know how you feel, Pat.

I know how you feel, Pat. Sailing is fine, it is the rest of the stuff, prepping, launching, hitching up etc that isn't so easy without help. My crew disappeared to Australia.

Simon Armitage

Please add me to the list for

Please add me to the list for Big Mac 22, I am the new proud owner of Pat Saddlers Glad Nick,now re named Black Shadow.

Andrew Vincent

Black Shadow 26M

Lytham Lancashire

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Well done Andrew for showing

Well done Andrew for showing early interest. Black Shadow's presence has put the number of boats showing interest in the Clyde Big Mac well into double figures - I make it 12 so far. In the New Year we will put some flesh on the bones of the plan.

Jonathan's experience above is a useful prompt regarding breakdown cover - worth every penny of the reassurance it provides.

Quentin Sands (Editor)

1993 MacGregor 19, Margarita