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Adrian and Trish would like

Adrian and Trish would like to come to the Lightship. My son Patrick is also a possible, but plans still being sorted!

Adrian and Trish Cox

Shema 26M 2008 Birdham Pool

Hi everyone.

Hi everyone.

Miriam and I have arrived in Chichester Marina and are settled in berth B10 just one berth out of 1000. We drove across from Cardiff yesterday and parked up overnight at Ellscot Park to launch today. The marina is huge. We are both very excited and plan a short trip tomorrow to Bosham after buying fuel. We are taking it steady because I find it blumin hard work though very enjoyable.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple of days.

Regards Jonathan

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Hi Everybody,

Hi Everybody,

I have been a little bit quite recently. Watching a lot of sailing videos on YouTube...

Unluckily I have to realise, that I will not be able to make it to the BigMAC 2021.

As I am not vaccinated, I will not be allowed to travel. I thought about driving to Dieppe (France) anyway, but I risk is too high that I will get either into trouble or that I would not be allowed on the Ferry.

Therefore I will not be able to participate in this new adventure.

All the best and good winds for all of you


PS: I tried to find my earlier post where I have been offered a place to sail together with you, therefore I reply on the forum.

Searching4MacGregor 26M (2010 to Tattoo) to use for 1) motoring (10km/h) all European channels, rivers & lakes 2) sailing (10km/h) all European coasts 3) trailering (80km/h) to all European destinations. Oh, I forgot 4) waterskiing :-)

Work window has just opened

Work window has just opened up so I am now hopeful to get launched with you lot tomorrow eve. My crew have deserted until weekend tho:(

I'll need to have a ring around Marina tomorrow to check they can fit me in. Not beholden to trailer storage as it needs to go home anyway as off to Weymouth after BigMac...

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Hi all, hopefully this isn't

Hi all, hopefully this isn't too late ...

I trust you're all ready for the Big Mac, kicking off tomorrow. The weather looks like a mixed bag, let's hope it plays nice!

Jonathan & Miriam - hope you've been enjoying your extra days, and haven't got too wet.

Arndt - sorry to hear you won't be able to make it, it would have been nice to meet you.

For those towing, don't forget the potential satnav trap, as described here.

I should be there tomorrow mid to late afternoon, forecast winds in the Solent are pretty high, I may have to just motor.

Looking forward to a great few days. We have booked a big group at the marina restaurant for tomorrow evening, so a good time to meet new people and renew acquaintances. See you all there!

Rick Jones (Treasurer) 1994 Mac 19 "White Lightning", Isle of Wight

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Thanks Rick, all set for our

Thanks Rick, all set for our journey from hot, sunny, calm northern latitudes to the stormy south. Hope to be with you late afternoon. Expecting chaos so anything less will be a bonus.

Quentin Sands (Editor)

1993 MacGregor 19, Margarita 

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Ready to start for the South

Ready to start for the South tomorrow morning. Chaos sounds good!

David Claassen

"Logan's Run"

2006 26M

Looking forward to all your

Looking forward to all your arrivals. I am already here in Chichester and enjoyed a nice walk and a good evening sail with the Knights on Mist. I shall endeavour to be on hand after lunch to assist .

I have booked food at the Marina cafe at 7.30 but they would like preorder of food to help their ched since short staffed. I will try to circulate the menu. Obviously nothing to stop an earlier evening chat at their bar maybe from 6pm.

PS...thunderstorms last might but no rain at all here today.


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Thanks for the update Roly.

Thanks for the update Roly. When we arrive should we go straight to rigging area/slipway on Salterns Way? Have received berthing info from marina but no arrival/launch details. Can we leave car and trailer temporarily before we take trailer to the campsite? Thanks.

Quentin Sands (Editor)

1993 MacGregor 19, Margarita 

Arrived 0200 this morning and

Arrived 0200 this morning and parked up opposite slipway. No details from marina? Will contact marina when Ann wakes up!