Plastimo furler on a 19

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Here are a few photos of the Plastimo 406 roller furler I fitted to my 19. I've only been able to take pics of the lower end without the sail attached, but I hope it gives an idea of the system.

The main part of the furler is a tubular aluminium extrusion that fits round the forestay, which must be a minimum 4mm diameter. This means replacing the original, but you'd have to do this anyway because it needs to be shorter and with a different swaged bottom fitting.

The head of the sail attaches to a swivel that is raised by the existing jib halyard, allowing the halyard to remain fixed while the sail rotates as it winds onto the furler tube. I also have a novel arrangement in that I've used an optional set of sliders that Plastimo supply, and instead of slliding the bolt-rope into the furler, I use the hanks on the sails to hank onto the sliders. This allows me to swap between jib and genoa as easily as with regular hank-on sails, but with the advantage of roller furling as well. I also remove the foresail when not sailing, so there's no need for a UV protection strip.

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Plastimo furler on a 19

Hi Rick,

Many thanks for posting your furling system photos and information. I'm going to attempt to fit my newly purchased Profurl system over the next few days so I'll be scrutinising your post carefully.