Boat speed under sail?

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Good to see you sailing Roly.

Good to see you sailing Roly. Nice chute! I was just too far away to join you. I grabbed my one window of opportunity yesterday morning out of Seaton.

Thanks again Leigh. Yes, the chute is in the bag (as it were). Halyard attached, bowsprit in production, and just working out the sheets. Wish me luck the first time I try and get the thing back down again!

Beating up to Yarmouth. Photo

Beating up to Yarmouth. Photo attached care of Rob Gardner

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A heady tale.

A heady tale.

I was beating down the River Blackwater in a comfortable breeze at around 6mph, my chart plotter being calibrated in mph, when one of the crew had to visit the heads. He is a chunky chappy weighing in at over 16 stone. As he squatted down the boat immediately increased speed to 7.5+ mph steady and she handled better so trim is an important factor, as John said.I just feel I cannot ask my guests to take turns and sit in the heads while I beat into the wind.

Fastest I ever registered was 11.5 mph but that was surfing down a wave around the Needles.

In light winds loosen the sails to make them baggy and tiptoe about as you don't want to knock what little wind their is out of the sails.

It is probably down to me but I find Sowenna is not the best at beating into the wind.

Simon Armitage

Sowenna 26M.

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Eloquent explanation of trim

Eloquent explanation of trim Simon! Love it.
Took my boat out for my 2nd

Took my boat out for my 2nd ever sail.


Great Fun.

5.9 Knots Max.

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Thanks Barry, looks good.

Thanks Barry, looks good. That's a relief then. They do go faster than 3.5! What kinda wind was that?

Lovely. Looks fast ! And

Lovely. Looks fast ! And little heel .

it was between 15 and 20ish

it was between 15 and 20ish mph wind.

Genoa up gave me about 2 knots. Genoa and main got to almost 6 knots.

Was easy to get that speed but I don't think it would go much faster - it'll just heal over more.

I was single handed and was no problem - I've a self steering mechinsm which made life easy when sorting the sails.

Was also really great in moderate (force 4) seas,

This was done in the north sea.

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Hi Barry, which bit of the

Hi Barry, which bit of the North sea?

Quentin Sands (Editor)

1993 MacGregor 19, Margarita